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Psychology is an interesting Theiss of science that requires much attention from the students. It is indeed a complex knowledge area. Thus, writing a research paper on this subject can be both challenging and exciting at the same time. Gaming as psychologically nutritious: Does need satisfaction in video games contribute to daily well-being beyond need satisfaction in the real world? Stereotyped perceptions of student-athletes' career choicesNathan Ryan Barker. Two sides to every story: The influence of audience on autobiographical memoryAbby Sue Boytos. The first step in applying for a Postgraduate Research degree is to decide For area Thesis you would like to work in, and to find a suitable Supervisor.

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WHAT ARE THE THREE MAJOR SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES 5 days ago · A sample of research on political moderation, unconscious touch perception, sexual arousal in transgender men, explicit instruction and reading, emotion and memory for future events, and the reliability of functional MRI. 2 days ago · Although some may think of the brain when the topic of psychology is brought up, many fail to appreciate how important biology is to understanding behavior. One reason we may fail to appreciate the role of biology in behavior is it can be unsettling to reflect on how important basic aspects of our being are to things that we view as complex. 6 hours ago · Psychology Research Paper Topics - Thesis topics and supervision - Massey University. The course covers advanced Best in research methodology and research ethics relevant to the current set of projects undertaken by the cohort of students at this level. These Best are Psychology and related to students' individual research projects.
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biological psychology research topics

Biological Psychology Research Paper Topics

Crawford and John Ruscio InFernbach and colleagues found biologidal asking people to provide explanations for complex policies can reduce their political extremism by making their lack of policy knowledge salient. In attempting to replicate these findings, Crawford and Ruscio found that participants acknowledged having less policy knowledge after they had attempted to provide mechanistic policy explanations, biological psychology research topics their policy-position extremism and partisan in-group favoritism did not change. These findings suggest that although providing mechanistic explanations can make people aware of their ignorance, it is unlikely to increase political moderation. Moreover, the researchers replicated the finding that providing justifications for prior beliefs appears to strengthen those beliefs.

biological psychology research topics

In this experiment, the tactile information consisted of electrical pulses delivered to the index or ring fingers. Numbsense did not occur when TMS stimulated control regions. The results indicated that TMS-induced numbsense implicates a somatosensory pathway that processes location of touch in the absence of awareness and provided evidence for the importance of primary sensory cortices for conscious perception.

biological psychology research topics

Most men who are cisgender their personal identity and gender correspond with their birth sex show genital sexual arousal to one preferred gender, and most cisgender women show genital arousal to both men and women. Raines and colleagues measured the sexual genital arousal of transgender men who were watching sexual videos featuring male psycholoy female models.

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Transgender men showed stronger genital sexual arousal in response to their preferred gender but still responded to both genders. Source findings also suggest that in birth-assigned women, both gender identity and biological sex may influence sexual-arousal patterns. Davis, and J. Taylor Explicitly teaching writing regularities might help learners more than letting them discover those regularities by themselves, this study suggests.

biological psychology research topics

Over 10 days, adults learned to read novel words printed in two artificial language systems. One group learned spelling-to-sound and spelling-to-meaning mapping through experience i. Montijn, Lotte Gerritsen, and Iris M. Engelhard To study how individuals with high anxiety retain negative thoughts biological psychology research topics fopics future over time, Montijn and colleagues tested whether the valence positive, negative, and neutral of simulations of the future had different effects on how participants with high and low anxiety remembered these simulations.

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Participants with low anxiety were better at remembering emotional future events positive and negative than neutral future events. Participants with high anxiety showed poorer memory than low-anxiety participants regardless of the biological psychology research topics of the simulation.

This difficulty in remembering emotional simulations could make individuals with anxiety less able to deal with anticipated negative scenarios. Kragel, Xiaochun Han, Thomas E. Kraynak, Peter J. Gianaros, and Tor D. Wager Elliot and colleagues evaluated the test-retest reliability of individual differences measured in task-based functional MRI fMRI —they found it to be poor and thus problematic for biomarker discovery.

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They also show the importance of using multivariate measures to increase fMRI reliability. Elliott, Annchen R. Knodt, Avshalom Caspi, Terrie E. Moffitt, and Ahmad R. They argue that the use of multivariate measures is far from being universal in biological psychology research topics biomarker research and, therefore, that considering these measures does not show the current reality of task-fMRI. They also clarify that their concern was whether commonly used measures of task-fMRI activation are reliable enough for individual-differences research and brain biomarkers, rather than for the research examples given by Kragel and colleagues.

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