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Birthmark location meanings

Birthmark location meanings - the

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Birthmarks are a common phenomenon during and after birth. They differ in sizes with some people having tiny ones and others having some big ones. Some types of birthmarks are inherited while birthmark location meanings just happen by chance. Given these diversities, it is usual for those bearing them to wonder what does my birthmark mean.

If you are one of them, you will get the answers in this post. In it we discuss if there is more to these marks than the normal scientific explanations we get about their occurrence.

birthmark location meanings

Read on to learn more about birthmark meanings, shapes, location on body and spiritual birthmark location meanings. From a medical perspective, birthmarks develop due to the formation of some skin pigment that not make it to the surface of the skin but gets lodged in the deeper layers. Another group of birthmarks is formed as a result of faulty blood vessels under the skin. While this is how modern knowledge portrays birthmarks, traditional knowledge about them has always been passed meaninfs one generation to the next.

Interpretation and Definitions

According to various superstitious beliefs, they can be a sign of good luck, bad omen or a mark of birthmark location meanings devil. Here are some of these that cut across most cultures. Birthmark on the right foot Birthmarks as an omen. The part of the body on which the birthmark is placed could signify a particular character trait that the child will have when they grow up. For example, if the birthmark is on the right foot the person will travel and explore the world while if it occurs on the left foot it could mean that the person will be very intelligent. Some folklore suggests that birthmark location meanings are indicative of a mothers craving and consumption of certain foods when she was pregnant. For example, strawberry birthmarks are said to form if a mother ate too many strawberries.

Birthmark on Forehead Meaning

Myths have it that the strong feelings a mother had during pregnancy could result in the formation of a birthmark on the child. For example, if a mother fell and was frightened during pregnancy this could cause formation of a mole birthmark location meanings the child. For people who believe to have come from another life, meannigs birthmarks indicate some trauma they may have faced during or before their death.

birthmark location meanings

The location of a birthmark on the body is said to have a certain meaning. Below we explore some of the birthmark location meanings. Superstitions and myths that surround birthmark location meanings do not stop their interpretations at location. They also extend it to birthmark shape meanings. For example a round mole is taken to mean that the person is good.

birthmark location meanings

An oblong mole means that the person will acquire some wealth while an angular mole means that the person suffers from double personality traits and as such is both good and bad at the same time. The shapes of the birthmarks may or may birthmark location meanings mean anything to different individuals. It is all dependent on our cultural experiences and teachings.

While one gets a heart shaped birthmark, it is taken to mean birthmar one will have a life full of love. The individual will be lucky enough to fall in love with their soul mate. They will also be fun loving persons in their life. Birthmarks meaning on body are different. A birthmark on face meaning varies depending on its location on the face. One near the mouth for men means that they will have great wealth while for women it means that they are very talkative.

A birthmark on locatiom right birthmark location meanings for men means that they are quite passionate while for women it means that they will have a fulfilling love life.]

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