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Black Lives Matter BLM is a decentralized political and social movement protesting against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people. The slogan "Black Lives Matter" itself remains untrademarked by any group. In Julythe movement began with the use of dearh hashtag BlackLivesMatter on social media after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death black death online African-American teen Trayvon Martin 17 months earlier in February The movement became nationally recognized for street demonstrations following the deaths of two African Americans, that of Michael Brown —resulting in protests and unrest in Ferguson, Missouria city near St.

In blsck summer ofBlack Lives Matter activists became involved in the United States presidential election. The movement returned to national headlines and gained further international attention [13] during the global George Floyd protests in following the killing of George Black death online by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

black death online

An estimated 15 million to 26 million people participated in the Black Lives Matter protests in the United States, making it one of the largest movements in the country's history. The popularity of Black Lives Matter has rapidly shifted over time.

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Whereas public opinion on Black Lives Matter was net negative init grew increasingly popular through and The phrase "Black Lives Matter" can refer to a Twitter hashtagbllack slogana social movement, a political action committee[18] or a black death online confederation of groups advocating for racial justice. B,ack a movement, Black Lives Matter is grassroots and decentralized, and leaders have emphasized the importance of local organizing over national leadership. Such differences have been the subject of scholarly literature. Garza described the network as an online platform that existed to provide activists with a shared set of principles and goals. Local Black Lives Matter chapters are asked to commit to the organization's list of guiding principles but operate without a central structure or hierarchy.

Garza has commented that the Network was black death online interested in "policing who is and who is not part of the movement.

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The loose structure of Black Lives Matter has contributed to confusion in the press and among activists, as actions or statements from chapters or individuals are sometimes attributed to "Black Lives Matter" as a whole. Or it could be the fuzzily applied label used to describe a wide range of protests and conversations focused on racial black death online. On at least one occasion, a person represented as Managing Director of BLM Global Network has released a statement represented to be on behalf of that organization.

Concurrently, a broader movement involving several other organizations and activists emerged under the banner of "Black Lives Matter", as well. The campaign released a ten-point plan for reforms to policing, with recommendations including: ending broken windows policing, increasing community oversight of police departments, and creating stricter guidelines for the use of force. Black Lives Matter also voices support for movements and causes outside of black death online police brutality, including LGBTQ activism, feminism, immigration reform and economic justice.

black death online

Following the killing of George FloydM4BL released the BREATHE Actwhich called for sweeping legislative changes surrounding policing; the policy bill included calls to divest from policing and reinvest funds directly here community resources and alternative emergency response models. On July 24, the movement initially convened at Cleveland Black death online University deqth between 1, and 2, activists gathered to participate in open discussions and demonstrations.

black death online

The conference in Cleveland, Ohio initially attempted to "strategize ways blafk the Movement trazabone Black Lives to hold law enforcement accountable for their actions on a national level". At the end of the three day conference, on July 26, the Movement for Black Lives initiated a year long "process of convening local and national groups to create a United Front".]

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