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Although the movie has not yet received as much appreciation as the book, I personally was quite amazed by the book thief read online. The director, Link Percival, did not include as many details as the book, yet his portrayal of the plot and characters is very similar to how I imagined it while reading. He was able to use his own creativity but also made use of lines in the book. After all, turning a page book into a two hour movie, while still trying to preserve all the main scenes, is certainly not an easy task.

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A scene that greatly attracted my attention in both the book and movie was when Liesel learns to read and to use words wisely, which led to her becoming an author. The movie was a huge success, and I enjoyed watching one of my favorite books be turned into a movie. The acting was spot-on book thief read online I highly recommend this movie not only to the people who read the book, but also to people who are unfamiliar with the story and are interested in a refreshing perspective on such a historic event.]

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