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Shashi Tharoor interview: How British Colonialism 'destroyed' India british involvement in india

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british involvement in india

The company's influence grew steadily until it seized political control of parts of India, and British leaders continued to spread British control throughout the Though control transferred to the British crown in the nineteenth century, Indians launched a powerful nationalist movement that led to their independence from Britain in Hoping to make money trading with British involvement in india, the British East India Company wins trading rights on the fringe of the Mughal empire in The East Briitish Company takes political control in India.

As a result, the East India Company takes political control over a large swath of India, despite its background as a trading company.

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Governor-General Warren Hastings consolidates control in India. Warren Hastings becomes the first Governor-General of India ina position he holds until Hastings works quickly to consolidate the East India Company's control in India, removing power from the Nawab of Bengal and british involvement in india the Mughal Empire. Hastings wages war and forms alliances to increase Britain's control.

While he hopes to introduce Britain to Indian history and culture, his successors launch decades of "reforms" meant to westernize the subcontinent. Ram Mohun Roy sparks Indian nationalism.

british involvement in india

The scholar Ram Mohun Roy, educated in both Western britisu Eastern classics, believes that India can learn from the West, but that there is room for a revitalization of Indian culture. In he sets up educational societies that help revive pride in Indian culture, and his influence on later leaders places him as the founder of Indian nationalism. The Sepoy Rebellion breaks out in India.

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The India Company requires sepoys, or Indian soldiers serving the company, to bite off cartridges greased with animal fat to load their rifles. The animal fat is from cows, which are sacred to Hindus, or from pigs, which are forbidden to Muslims, and angry sepoys rise up in rebellion against their British officers.

After brutal massacres on both sides, the British quell the rebellion, but an atmosphere of hatred and distrust remains.

british involvement in india

Parliament puts India directly under control of the British crown.]

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