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Buddhism vs islam

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It also may refer to the confiscation or destruction of property, monasteries, centers of learning, meditation centers, historical sites, or the incitement of hatred towards Buddhists. In CE Zoroastrianism was made the official religion of Persiaand other religions were not tolerated, thus halting the spread of Buddhism westwards.

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It was during their rule that the Lokottaravada followers erected the two Buddha statues at Bamiyan. During the second half of the third century, the Zoroastrian high priest Kirder dominated the religious policy of the state. While some scholars believe he did persecute Buddhists based on the Buddhist accounts, others consider them biased because of him not patronising them.

Devahuti states that Pushyamitra's sudden destruction after offering rewards for Buddhist heads is buddhism vs islam false".

buddhism vs islam

Mitra states that "The tales of persecution by Pushyamitra as recorded in Divyavadana and biddhism Taranatha bear marks of evident absurdity. Central Asian and North Western Indian Buddhism buddhism vs islam in the 6th century following the White Hun invasion who followed their own religions such as Tengri and Manichaeism. Persecution of Buddhists started as early as in the life or soon after the death of King Ashoka according to some like D. Jha writes that according to Kashmiri texts dated to the 12th century, Ashoka's Son Jalauka was a Shaivite and was responsible for the destruction of many Buddhist monasteries.

buddhism vs islam

buddhism vs islam Even though Gupta empire was tolerant towards Buddhism and patronized Buddhist arts and religious institutions, Hindu revivalism generally became a major threat to Buddhism which led to its decline. A Buddhist illustrated palm leaf manuscript from Pala period one of the earliest Indian illustrated manuscripts to survive in modern times is preserved in University of Cambridge iskam.

Buddhism And Hinduism Comparison

Composed in the yearthe manuscript contains a note from the year by a Buddhist believer called Karunavajra buddhism vs islam indicates that without his efforts, the manuscript would have been destroyed during a political struggle buddhksm power. The note states that 'he rescued the ' Perfection of Wisdomincomparable Mother of the Omniscient' from falling into the hands of unbelievers who according to Camillo Formigatti were most probably people of Brahmanical affiliation. Dharmarajika stupa was completely demolished and only its foundation exists today while Dhamekh stupa incurred serious damage.

buddhism vs islam

During excavation a green marble relic casket was discovered from Dharmarajika stupa which contained Buddha's ashes was subsequently thrown into Ganges river by Jagat Singh according to his Hindu faith. The incident was reported by a British resident and timely action of British authorities saved Dhamekh Stupa from demolition.]

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