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One theory states that we decide whether to help someone or not based on our estimate of the cost of the helping. Which would not be a factor contributing to cost? Diffusion of responsibly is one explanation for the bystander effect. The other common explain has to do with which of festinger theories? A person with a strong motivation to appear moral while actually driven by self interest would be called high in? Are you busy and do not have time to handle your assignment? Are you scared that your paper will not make the grade? Do you have responsibilities that may hinder you from turning in your assignment on time? Are you tired and can barely handle your assignment? Are your grades inconsistent? bystander effect essay.

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Your name is Milton. You worked late at your office. It was 10 p.

bystander effect essay

As you entered your poorly lit parking garage, your attention was captured by the sight of three high school-aged boys kicking and beating a shabbily dressed elderly man. He cried out for help, but the continued to pummel him with fists and kicks. As the boys caught sight of you entering the garage, they abandoned the man and ran off to the lower floors of bystander effect essay garage by the exit stairs.

Essag cautiously approached the man. You saw that he was bleeding profusely. Fearing that the boys would return to the scene, and extract the same abuse on you, you ran to your parked car and screeched your read article as you shot through the exit gate. You did not notice that the heel of your custom-made by the only shoemaker in the city right shoe had trod on the blood pool of this unfortunate victim. Upon your panicked departure, hystander person, a woman, walked toward her bystander effect essay car.

Part 1—Create a title page.

She saw your car whiz past her. She took note of the bystander effect essay of your car but not your license plate number. Her eyes immediately lit on the mound of dirty clothing, which was the victim, and the rapidly expanding pool of blood around his head. She assumed that since you had parted he scene so hurriedly, that you had beaten this man.

She ran to her car and sped off. She did not notice the missing metallic button missing from her designer suit. Your name effrct Sam or Samantha Watkins.

bystander effect essay

You think to yourself. This is America! Citizens stop to help even strangers.

bystander effect essay

This poor man was beaten to death by one of the witnesses to this scene, or by a group of thugs. Skip to content Your assignment: write 4 pages rubric Your name is Milton. Never Be a Bystander.]

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