Carbohydrates structure and function -

Carbohydrates structure and function - opinion

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Carbohydrate: Structure, Functions and Types Carbohydrates are most abundant biomolecules in the nature. They can hydrolyze Polyhydroxy aldehydeketonesor compounds.

carbohydrates structure and function

Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are the primary component of carbohydrates. They are also known as hydrates of carbon because in most of the carbohydrates H and O are present in the same ratio as in water.

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Functions Carbohydrates are involved in various functions: They also act as precursor for many organic compounds. It also involved in structural components of many organisms. It also involves in immediate source of energy demands of the body by serving as the storage form of energy glycogen.

carbohydrates structure and function

They also involved in the structural and cellular functions of cell such as- fertilization, cell growth and adhesion.]

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