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Carmine avellino carmine avellino carmine avellino

Ninth victim to Serino. Others six died from Covid in a few hours in Irpinia.


The virus advances ruthlessly in the province of Avellino and there are three mourning affecting the capital. Two victims in the Moscati hospital and a third was at San Pio in Benevento, where a year-old carmine avellino his life.

carmine avellino

A year-old patient, hospitalized since April 3, and a year-old from Avellino, who arrived in the hospital city on March 18 and ended up in intensive care on Carmine avellino 3, died in carmin hospital in the Amoretta district. Meanwhile, the ninth victim is counted in the space of three weeks a Serino. We are destroyed.

Furto in una villa ad Avellino

Our community is paying a very high price in human lives during this cursed pandemic — says the mayor Vito Pelosi which has extended the restraining order that closes everything for another week. Currently the positives in Serino areof which 8 domiciled carmine avellino of the ordinary.

carmine avellino

But meanwhile the count of the dead advances ruthlessly. Two other deaths were registered at the Frangipane hospital in Avfllino Irpino. Here, an year-old from Gesualdo and a year-old woman from Brusciano died. The Irpinia victims of the Coronavirus since Carmine avellino have beenwhile there have been since last summer while with another 56 infections the number of positives including healed and deaths arrives.]

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