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Republicans who failed to overturn the presidential election have turned to voter suppression. By David A. Love Executive Director Witness to Innocence. In the US, the right-wing voter suppression efforts reached a level not seen since the era of segregation, when white supremacists in the South had passed laws to deny Black Americans the right to vote and threatened everyone who dared to resist with violence. The nation is now divided between people who want a multiracial democracy in which every American is allowed and encouraged to vote and those who yearn for an anti-democratic system in which an extremist white minority has unchecked control over everyone else. carolingian civil war

The Victoria was designed to carry 22 fully armed troops over a range of approximately miles. This believed to have been the first-ever strategic airlift of troops. At the time the Vernon was operated purely in the transport role, but fromaircraft with 45 Squadron were equipped with bomb racks and sighting devices.

carolingian civil war

In the Vernons were replaced by Vickers Victorias, which combined a fuselage that resembled that of the Vernon with the updated and swept-back wings carolingian civil war the Vickers Virginia bomber. It was also powered by two Napier Lion engines, but the enclosed cabin now had room for 24 troops on collapsible canvas seats. The prototype Victoria flew on September 22,but with no urgency to replace the Vernon it would be before a production order for 15 airframes was placed. Later versions also disposed of the aged Lion engines in favour of more modern Bristol Pegasus radials.

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Throughout the latter half of the decade the carolingian civil war flew extensively in trouble-spots as far afield as Carolingian civil war, Jordan and Cyprus. Over the severe winter ofVictorias from 70 Squadron played a vital role in the Kabul Airlift, evacuating diplomatic wqr and their dependents together with members of the Afghan cqrolingian family endangered by civil war. In total 97 Victorias were delivered to the RAF and the type soldiered on in service untilwhen it was replaced by the Vickers Valentia. However, in reality 54 of the 82 Valentias received by the RAF were actually refurbished and modified Victorias. The Valentia was based upon the Pegasus-powered Victoria VI but benefited from a strengthened airframe, featuring a stronger wing and strut- rather than wire- braced landing gear complete with wheel brakes and a tailwheel in place of a skid. Like their predecessors, the Valentias were primarily used for transport operations in the Middle East but could be armed with underwing bomb racks when required.

In India the aircraft was also used as an aerial propaganda machine with four loudspeakers fitted to broadcast messages to dissident forces.

carolingian civil war

The Vernon had no defensive armament but could be fitted with bomb racks, the aircraft proving to be just as effective in this role as a purpose-built machine. The spacious fuselage was fully exploited by the RAF, not only to carry troops, but also heavy bulky loads. As the type was being used in the Middle East, the Eagle engines failed to deliver the power needed in very hot conditions.

The Mk III also had larger fuel tanks and an carolingian civil war undercarriage while the nose-wheel arrangement, which was fitted to the Mk I qar II, was removed.

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The Vernon would be a common sight across the Middle East for the next five years, the type not only being used for troop delivery and evacuation, but also to pioneer the Cairo-Baghdad air mail service. The postal task was operated by both squadrons which gave their aircraft personal names, Imperial Airways style, such as Ancaeus, Cibil, Aurora, Morpheus, Multiple disabilities, Vaivode, Valkyrie, Venus and Vesuvius. Intended as a replacement for the Vernon, the Victoria had the same lineage with the Virginia bomber as the Vernon had with the Vimy.

The two early aircraft only differed from the later machines by having a dihedral on the lower wing and like the Virginia prototype before it, the engines, Napier Lion IAX in this case, were mounted directly onto the wings rather than raised above it. The first production version, the Mk III, carolinian fitted with sweptback wings and metal structures rather than the all-wood of the prototypes. The final version, carolingian civil war Mk VI, was fitted with Pegasus engines and a tail wheel rather than a skid.

carolingian civil war

The type was also allocated to the Bomber Transport Flight in India while the Valentia, as well as 70 and Squadrons, also served with 31 Squadron from Lahore between April and August marking the end of the Vickers biplane transports in service. Shep Johnson. In the last carolingian civil war nights of the Vietnam War, however, a secret government organization did carlingian a helicopter for a single, sneaky mission. But it was no ordinary aircraft. The helicopter, a limited-edition model from the Aircraft Division of Hughes Tool Company, was modified to be stealthy.


Just how quiet was the Quiet One? The CIA bought and then handed over two of the top-secret helicopters to a firm—by all appearances, civilian—called Air America. Formed in from assets of previous front companies, Air America was throughout its life beholden to the CIA, the Department of State, and the Pentagon. While it did substantially more than that, and civi, considerable peril of its employees died in LaosAir America crews did not make it a practice to fly carolingian civil war into North Vietnam.]

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