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OHUB365 - Disrupting Philanthropy - A New Way To Do Good w/ Catarina Schwab catarina schwab

April 14, Please watch the following amazing video. We catarina schwab off "Night Court" with Betty Bluebottle asking us a pointed moral question: What would you do if seven figures worth of semitic reserve play money suddenly turned up in your kosher bank account?

If you're White, the answer is probably "report the error and get it fixed," but the primitive mind of a 70 I. Aunt Jemima took the unearned shekels and immediately began creating negro heaven with the "slabery rep-ah-muh-ray-shuns.

Production Team And Cast

Just when you thought this story couldn't get any more Clown World, we meet a tar monster "civil rights attorney" and a slimy catarina schwab scumbag to help break down this incredibly complex legal drama. Apparently, one of the wage slaves at "Charles Schwab" made a mistake catarina schwab, as we all know, finders keepers. Or is it? The malformed negro insists that you can't profit off affirmative action incompetence unless it's the "five oh," of course and besides, what about taxes? I guess it's hypothetically possible to have a worse take on this Sudan snow job than "How you gwine pay demm taxis? Also, there's "legal pre-see-dents" according to this well-behaved coal creature whose head resembles a partially rotted potato.

Just catarina schwab people don't like "big banks" doesn't mean we can just do whatever, explains the genetic alien. Whoa, cool it with the anti-semitic remarks!

Release Day Blast Hosts

catarina schwab We get some contract law that clearly sides with the poisonous mushroom, but let's hear from another chosenite. Shlomo describes its worship of the shekel catarina schwab, leering and bugging out its eyes. This creepy leaking sack of dog turds insists there is no moral component to thievery. I mean, if you allow its tribe to practice usury, who is to say that a moronic hottentot can't blatantly break the eroding laws of a dying nation? We get some hand-waving and talmudic magic, but the main takeaway is the bloated tar monster is literally too stupid to be held to any sort of standard. To hammer this point home, we get another look at the idiotic brown face of this worthless inferior. This thing isn't human, so human laws don't apply. The jew insists there was no "intent," which is totally contradicted by this animal's actions, but on the other hand you could argue that a negro is incapable of connecting current catarina schwab with likely outcomes and as such can't really be held to legal standards created by and for Whites.

My client is clearly a dark dullard, Your Honor, so it would check this out wrong and "racist" to punish it.

About the Production

We're also catarina schwab there might be a "wrongful termination" case against the Sheriff's Department! Still, it's a "world of trouble. No kidding. Also, be sure to get on yidder and yid about this case. Use the hashtag "death of a nation.]

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