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What are the differences between Catholics and Protestants? catholicism and protestantism. Catholicism and protestantism

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catholicism and protestantism

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Catholic v Protestant Wars

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catholicism and protestantism

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When politics becomes religion

Message us! Licensing agreement for our ping system. Why are catholic countries poorer than protestant countries? Approved Catholicism and protestantism self. Generally at least. I can't find a single example of even a European catholic country being more successful than a European protestant country. Nad Spain and Italy have very flawed economies. Max Weber attributed America's success to protestantism too, protestantissm of this I suppose.

While long conjectured, the most recent analysis of the Weber hypothesis suggests it was not Protestantism per se, but the fact that to be protestant, or any competing sects that arose during that time, you had to be literate and educated. Moreover, when that paper was first posited, they lacked a direct test of the effect of literacy. The TE estimates that every 1 percentage point increase in the share of Protestants increases per capita income tax revenues by 0. Under the typical IV assumptions, this effect is causal. The direct effect estimates that only catholicism and protestantism. However, the indirect effect estimates that 0.]

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