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01 Characteristics of Greek Civilization characteristics of greek architecture. Characteristics of greek architecture characteristics of greek architecture

Honey is no longer just another sweetener on the daily table, but through scientific research its valuable and innumerable nutritional and healing properties have been discovered. Honey is a nutritious, beneficial and directly assimilable food.

characteristics of greek architecture

architedture According to the Food and Drinks Code, honey is the natural sweet substance produced by the bees of Apis Mellifera from the nectar of plants or by secretions of living plants or insect excretions found on the living parts of plants, which bees collect, mix with special materials of their body, deposit, dehydrate and store in the honeycombs of the hive to mature. Bees collect nectar, and enzymes in their saliva, break down sucrose into glucose and fructose, which are stored in the honeycombs to feed the hive through the winter. Excess water in the honeycombs is evaporated by the constant aeration provided by the bees' wings.

The resulting thick, sticky liquid is what we know as honey.

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The factors that influence composition are the time of year, environmental conditions, processing conditions robert e lee bio the varieties of flower nectar. Essentially, the major dietary components are carbohydrates simple sugars: fructose and glucose. In addition to water, honey contains small amounts of proteins, vitamins, metals, trace elements, enzymes and polyphenols, including flavonoids from pollen, which can help identify the source of the honey.

We can mention almost 18 organic acids, amino acids, peptides and other nitrogen compounds, vitamins B, C, D, E, natural flavorings, enzymes, prebiotic fibers, etc. Honey characteristics of greek architecture retained for a long time in proper storage conditions. Crystallization of honey is a natural phenomenon. It does not cause any change in the nutritional and biological value of honey. A crystallized honey is not damaged or adulterated. It is fluidized without losing its value. The invaluable empirical knowledge of many centuries about the nutritional, tonic, healing properties of bee products has now been incorporated into a series of characteristics of greek architecture activities called apitherapy, which systematically study their beneficial contribution to human nutrition and health. Bee products are not medicines and cannot replace pharmaceutical formulations, but they can increase their effectiveness and reduce any side effects.

The recent study of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki has demonstrated the beneficial effects of Greek honey on the human body.

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The head of the research, Ms. Tannakakis Chrysoula, emphasized that honey can prevent diseases as a powerful nutritional antioxidant. In the study of their antioxidant effect, the dark oak honey turned out to be stronger while the spruce, heather, chestnut and pine followed.

characteristics of greek architecture

It was also found that the "renowned" aroma of orange and thyme are low in antioxidant effect. More specifically, charactteristics appears to promote wound healing and have significant antimicrobial activity against fungi, viruses and about 60 microbial species. In addition, honey forms a kind of closed dressing that protects the wound, so tested in various types of ulcers with good results, but also in cases link ulcers, dermatitis after radiotherapy, even in cases of severe acne.

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It has also been reported that it can help minimize the size of scars. Medicinal honey is often used in these cases medical archiitecture honey. Honey has a positive effect on the immune system by limiting the production of free radicals thanks to its flavonoids. In addition, honey has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, for which there are no known contraindications. In addition, the application of honey has a pain-relieving effect.

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Honey has a Glycemic Index GI around 55, whereupon it is classified between low check this out moderate GI food, which leads in comparison to high GI food to a smaller blood sugar rise. Honey, when it enters the body, is recognized as a "biological product" and the absorption of glucose into the blood is gresk moderation it is absorbed according to the body's need and characteristics of greek architecture uncontrolled as with sugar.

Even for a diabetic, honey can become a medicine, and the ideal is considered to be that of Koumaria Coumaric honey bitterwhich has the lowest sugar content, and acacia honey, as it contains little sucrose. The types of Greek honey. A relatively small honey production comes from plant flowers found in the forest, such as heather, chestnut, thyme, sage and others. The honey produced is divided into two main categories based on characheristics origin:. Nectar honey is made from fine sweet droplets secreted by the flowers. When grinding and accepted by the bees, they are transformed into honey.]

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