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Read the article below and Argue against allowing women to join the Armies either or both Union and Confederate. Explain why women should NOT be allowed to join and why. Use evidence to support your statements. This is NOT an opinion argument but rather, should be based on how society perceived women and their role in society at the time. Women found that the war changed their lives just as dramatically, though they usually escaped persecution for protesting against war measures. The absence of men from their homes forced women to assume unaccustomed roles to support households. Now they had to handle all daily tasks, not just those usually assigned to women. Southern women ran farms and plantations, while northern women also managed farms or even went to work in factories. Many women went beyond these demands to serve as nurses, cooks, clerks, doctors, and even spies for the armed forces of both sides. Women on both sides of the conflict considered the war theirs, too, and worked to aid the cause. clara barton research paper

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Clara Barton

Maria Clara was born through normal delivery. She weighed four Kilograms at birth and was forty centimeters long. Throughout her infancy, she demonstrated delayed developmental milestones. However, the attainment of developmental milestones tends to differ among babies.

Cognitive Development

For instance, Clara had delayed physical development in her early months of infancy. Therefore, she failed to attain her developmental milestones in time compared to her age mates.

clara barton research paper

For example, she only gained half of her weight at birth. However, a normal growth rate between the first and the fourth month of an infant should be double the weight at birth Richards, Consequently, her developmental delay in infancy eventually affected her subsequent developmental milestones. One of the major factors that contributed to her developmental delay was family genetic factors. However, other factors such as poor nutrition and disease can also lead to delayed development Kail, Fortunately, clara barton research paper had good nutrition and got adequate medical attention.

Women's Role In The Civil War

Therefore, health complications did not retard her clara barton research paper. Despite her delayed developmental milestones, she had positive motor development. Her reflexive movements disappeared one year after birth. Between her middle childhood and adolescence, she developed new motor skills through training Patterson, She also acquired motor skills by observing those around her.

Currently, her motor movements are fully developed. She can engage in several activities that require reflexive movement of body clxra. For instance, she can play games such as table tennis and basketball.

Faith Based Programs Are Effective With Changing Offender Behavior

Motor development is also influenced by genetic factors. Genetic factors determine the strength of muscles and bones of an individual Kail, Additionally, nutrition and exercise play a critical role in motor development Kail, Later, she learned to play basketball. Consequently, regular exercise has enabled her to develop healthy muscles and bones. At puberty, Clara underwent several physical developments. pornorgaphy

clara barton research paper

During puberty, some physical changes occur in girls. Some of the physical changes include the development of breasts, widening of hips, while others clara barton research paper develop acne Richards, During puberty, she had acne, which greatly affected her social life.

Currently, she is ckara beautiful young woman. For example, Clara developed object permanence at one resrarch. At times, her mother would hide her favorite here under her pillow and she would proceed to find it. Clara was an active child during the preoperational stage. She was able to engage in pretend-plays and constantly explored her environment through questioning and self-discovery. During the concrete stage, children begin to develop cognitive operations and apply their new thinking to everyday life events Patterson, Clara is currently in the formal operational stage. She is capable of abstract thinking. As a young student studying business administration, Clara has developed the ability to explain various concepts in business.

She can apply her business knowledge in hypothetical situations.]

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