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code of ethics design paper

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Porosity formation in high pressure die casting HPDC impacts mechanical properties and casting quality. Much is published regarding micro porosity and its impact on mechanical properties, but there is limited research on the actual formation of macro eyhics. In production applications, porosity plays a critically important role in casting quality and acceptance by the customer.

code of ethics design paper

This paper argues that the most useful definition of macro porosity is the limits of visual detectability. With this definition, it will be shown macro porosity presents stochastically within a controlled HPDC process. This means macro porosity has a random probability distribution or pattern desigb should be analyzed statistically and cannot be predicted precisely. The general region where macro porosity forms is predictable with simulation, code of ethics design paper its actual size and distribution of the voids are random. These results challenge the industry accepted practices for inspections and process controls.

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This also underscores the importance of up-front design for manufacturability to avoid macro porosity-related quality issues. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve. Brevick, Die Casting Porosity Guidebook. North American Die Casting Association, Google Scholar. July Viswanathan et al.

code of ethics design paper

Lee, A. Chirazi, D. See, Modeling microporosity in aluminum—silicon alloys: a review. Light Met.]

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