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Bread givers quotes 3 days ago · A major obstacle to developing good human relations skills is that A. people fear taking risks. B. few persons have common interests. C. common interests won't help to keep a conversation going. D. human relations aren't rewarding. 3 hours ago · The purpose of the present study was to estimate the point prevalence of dental fear and dental phobia relative to 10 other common fears and Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of . 2 days ago · Autophobia: Fear of being alone. People who have this type of fear feel paranoid and unsafe even in the most comforting and secure place. They never want to be alone, but always want the presence of other persons to feel safe. People with autophobia are often treated with psychotherapy. The most common type is exposure therapy.
common types of phobias. Common types of phobias

Nyctophobia: This phobia is a fear of the nighttime or darkness.

common types of phobias

However, when the fear starts interfering with your everyday life, it may be considered irrational fear. Sufferers of xanthophobia may fear anything yellow, including the sun daffodils and yellow paint.


In its most aggressive form, xanthophobia symptoms may include an overwhelming fear of even the phrase yellow. Pedophobia: Fear of Children It sounds made up, but pedophobia is a real, yet abnormal, persistent fear of babies and children.

common types of phobias

People with this uncommon phobia have heightened anxiety when thinking about or being around kids. Cacophobia is the fear of ugliness and ugly things. The origin of the word Caco is Greek meaning bad or unpleasant and phobia is Greek meaning fear.

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Antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications can help calm emotional and physical reactions to fear Cognitive-behavioural therapy- Most commonly used treatment for phobias. If you have a phobia, you must seek treatment as soon as you start noticing the symptoms.

common types of phobias

With the correct kind of treatment, you can learn to manage your fears and lead a productive, fulfilling life and a happy life! Post navigation.]

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