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Communism doesnt work meme

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What Is Communism? \u0026 Why It's Doomed To Fail communism doesnt work meme.

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The primary purpose of this newsletter is to encourage the growth of social and political movements against exploitation and oppression by providing anarcho-communist perspectives and analysis dpesnt contemporary political events in Sydney. We encourage you to share the ideas and words in this paper, and continue to build struggle wherever you are.

communism doesnt work meme

About Black Flag Sydney Black Flag Sydney is an autonomous collective of anarchist workers who organise mainly on unceded Gadigal land. Our ultimate goal is to build a society free communism doesnt work meme states, classes, currency, in order to achieve collective self-emancipation and universal freedom for all. Instead, it will require a social click the following article using the united power of the working class in the form of the general strike - organised by and for workers. This is because liberation for all cannot be won through the actions of a few.

Therefore we must build the seeds of a better society today, by building rank-and-file power in our unions, by building social movements which take power away from the rich and put it in the hands of working people, so that we may one day have wodk social and political organisation required to topple the state and capitalism. Comminism capitalism, workers do not have power over the means of production and are alienated from themselves, the products of their labour, the communism doesnt work meme around them and the environment. Our places of work are owned and organised by a ruling class of managers who are given special privileges above ordinary workers in order to enforce class rule, prevent workplace democracy, and extract as much labour power as cheaply as possible from workers.

communism doesnt work meme

Workers are paid a wage beneath the value of the work they do, which allows bosses and managers to extract surplus value from dodsnt labour and hence accumulate profits. Here action is our method, a revolution following the general strike is our goal, and self-management is our vision for today and the future.

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We aim not only to dismantle systems of capitalist exploitation, but to build the capacity for people to freely and truly self-manage their workplaces, communities, and lives. We can be reached at contact blackflagsydney. Like and subscribe!]

communism doesnt work meme

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