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Components of human development index

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Human Development Index I A Level and IB Economics components of human development index

Health Life expectancy The first component of the HDI — a long and healthy life — is measured by life expectancy.

components of human development index

Long-run estimates of life expectancy across the world are shown in the visualization. For countries where historical records are available, such as the UK, estimates can extend as far back as — click on the UK to components of human development index this long-run perspective. Global and regional estimates extend back to the year This dataset is based on a combination of data from the Clio Infra project, the UN Population Division, and global and estimates for world regions from James Riley Education Expected componentx average years of schooling The second component — access to education — is measured by expected years of schooling of children at school-entry age and mean years of schooling of the adult population.

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Education has been one of the most integral drivers and outcomes of global development. The provision of education is now viewed in most parts of the world as a basic right — with pressure on governments to ensure high-quality education for all.

components of human development index

There are many metrics we can use to assess education access, quality, and attainment — we cover many of them throughout our work on education. The visualizations present the two metrics that the HDI captures: Mean years of schooling estimates the average number of years of total schooling adults aged 25 years and older have received.

components of human development index

This data extends back to the year and is based on the combination of data from Lee and Lee ; Barro-Lee ; and the UN Development Programme.]

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