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Conflict subculture conflict subculture

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conflict subculture

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conflict subculture

Staple it to the back of your final draft. If it is also your final draft, simply staple it to this cover sheet. Describe the plot of the film-describe the story as it unfolds.

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Specifically, what is the conflict, which presents itself in the film? From Chp3, define in your own words the terms subculture conflict subculture counterculture. Identify the primary subculture or counterculture presented in your movie, and describe how it can be distinguished from the dominant culture. What behaviors take place among group members that distinguish them from members of the dominant culture?

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Use scenes from the confloct to support your claim. If it is a subculture, what scenes from the movie tell you that it is not a counterculture? If it is a counterculture, what scenes from the movie tell you that it is not a subculture? Chp3 defines norms folkways,mores, and taboos. In your own words, thoroughly and creatively define these conflict subculture

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