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Contemporary human behavior - consider, that

For example, the profound changes in consumer preferences and attitudes towards animal welfare, filtered through the retail chains and reflected in the change in the consumers purchasing patterns created an environment where the animal sector had no choice but to respond to new demands by changing husbandry practices towards more humane treatment of animals. The examples are numerous: from the ban of gestation creates for sows and cages for laying hens in the production of table eggs to stricter requirements for organic labels both in terms of nutritional requirements and outdoor access for birds. Because all these required modifications in husbandry practices substantially increase the cost of production, to protect the profit margins, meat and poultry sector responded by trying to exert their market power towards upstream participants farmers and contract growers and arguably even engaged in the collusive behavior in the downstream markets. This situation creates a rich research agenda for agricultural economists to engage in. Based on the above description of the meat and poultry sectors, I propose three research programs focusing on:Economics of animal welfareCollusion to fix prices in the broiler industrySwine production quotas, monopsony power and farm valuesThe goals of the proposed 5-year project are to conduct several stand-alone studies within the outlined research programs mainly in collaboration with different graduate students working on their respective Ph. On the supply side, we plan to use a Bertrand Nash oligopoly model for heterogeneous products, and together with the estimated demand side, predict the new counterfactual equilibrium prices of all egg products under Proposition 12 where conventional eggs are banned. This work is supposed to contribute to the literature on structural models that provide an ex-ante evaluation of important policy questions. Our objective is to explore to what extent are individuals willing to support public action but, in its absence, not willing to commit their own voluntary efforts or resources to the same cause. Concretely, we interested in finding out why would people vote to ban a product they regularly consume, such as conventionally produced eggs. Our preliminary findings show, that precinct by precinct, the percentage of the people who voted yes on the referendum for Proposition 12 is significantly larger than the percentage of households who bought cage-free eggs in geographically matched retail outlets. contemporary human behavior

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We present how data science impacts science and society at large in the coming years, including ethical problems in managing human behavior data and considering the quantitative expectations of data science economic impact. We introduce concepts such as open science and e-infrastructure contemporary human behavior useful tools for supporting ethical data science and training new generations of data scientists.

contemporary human behavior

Finally, this work outlines SoBigData Research Infrastructure as an easy-to-access platform for executing complex data science processes. The services proposed by SoBigData are aimed at using data science to understand the complexity of our contemporary, globally interconnected society.

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Introduction: from data to knowledge Data science is an interdisciplinary and pervasive paradigm where different theories and models are combined to transform data into knowledge and value. Experiments and analyses over massive datasets are functional not only to the validation of existing theories and models but also to the data-driven discovery of patterns emerging from data, which can help scientists in the design of better theories and models, yielding a deeper understanding of the complexity of the social, economic, biological, technological, cultural, and natural phenomenon.

The products of data science are the result of re-interpreting available data for analysis goals that differ from the original reasons motivating data collection. All these aspects are producing a change in the scientific method, in research and in the way our society makes decisions [ 2 ]. Data science emerges to contemporary human behavior facts: i the advent of big data that provides the critical mass of actual examples to learn from, ii the advances in data analysis and learning techniques contemporary human behavior can produce predictive models and behavioral patterns from big data, and iii the advances in high-performance computing infrastructures that make it possible to ingest and manage big data and perform complex analysis [ 16 ].

contemporary human behavior

Paper organization Section 2 discusses how data science impacts our science and society at large in the coming years. Section 3 outlines the main issues related to the ethical problems in studying human behaviors that data science introduces.

contemporary human behavior

In Sect. We will illustrate the importance of an open data science with examples provided later in the paper. Finally, we show some use cases of data science through thematic environments that bind the datasets with social mining methods. Data science for society, science, industry and business Fig.]

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