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Should we Still be Watching 'Gone with the Wind?' Part 1 crash movie essay

The movie started with Don Cheadle, who played a Los Angeles detective, commenting about how people interact with each other.

crash movie essay

He said that the act of touching is prevented by the existence of artificial elements such as metal crash movie essay glass. Because of this, people have the tendency to crash with one another in order to feel each other. Move thought provoking line summarizes the entire plot of the movie which revolved around racism and stereotyping.

It defined the multifaceted relationships of people from different cultural backgrounds, colors of the skin and socio-economic status.

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There were many concepts in the movie that emphasized differences in race and gender that manifested the following power, discrimination, hate crime, racism, wealth, sexual harassment, ethnicity, minority, prejudice, stereotype, segregation, pluralism, assimilation, scapegoat, crime against property and gender stratification. He used his stature as a crash movie essay official in order for the police force to immediately handle and resolve his case. Meanwhile, I saw a form of discrimination when Matt Dillon who played a white racist cop, the hospital to inquire about the medical treatment needed by his father. Throughout their conversation, he was very unsatisfied crash movie essay when he asked who was he talking to, the person at the other end of the line, gave a name that was a typical Black name and Dillon immediately assumed that the reason behind the unsatisfactory service was because he was dealing with a Black person.

An example of hate crime was also depicted in the movie.

crash movie essay

When the Persian store owner assumed that the Hipic locksmith was behind the damaging of his property because the locksmith looked like a typical gangster or criminal, he tried to kill him by shooting him in front of his home. Luckily, the locksmith was unharmed from the incident. This was a form cash racism that showed intolerance for crash movie essay social or racial group.

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These characters symbolized that fame and fortune can be attained and enjoyed irregardless of the color of the skin. In another scene in the movie, I saw an act of sexual harassment between a black woman who was the victim and the white man who was the harasser. It is the scene where the article source of Dillon pulled over a vehicle of a black couple and interrogated them.

During the interrogation, Dillon physically searched crash movie essay character of Newton who played the rich black wife of Terrence Howard, a big shot black producer. Dillon inappropriately touched the body of Newton which implied an unwelcome sexual advance. On another note, at the beginning of the movie, several cultural identities were presented.

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A black man, a Hipic woman and an Asian woman were convened together in one place because of a car crash. This scene portrayed the fusion of different ethnic groups in one area wherein their different languages, beliefs and culture signifying the existence of various ethnicity in LA. However, multiculturalism also entails having crash movie essay groups.

crash movie essay

In the movie, Chinese illegal immigrants were being sold as crash movie essay by Americans in downtown Los Angeles. This scene illustrated that the Chinese are still considered as a minority or essayy subordinate group in an American dominated city where they are deprived of their basic needs. Meanwhile, click here was seen when the character of Bullock clutched the arms of her husband upon seeing two African-American males walking on the same sidewalk as they are. She assumed that they were gangsters or robbers so she made a gesture seeking protection from her husband. In a similar scenario, Bullock stereotyped a Hipic locksmith with a gangster because of his shaved head and tattoos.]

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