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April 13, at pm Everyone has a fascination with Jack the Ripper no? I mean I do. Always has intrigued me and am not sure why. It reads now a days like a movie except here the mystery just carries on and on. The fact that he is beginning to gravitate more to the courses that are of interest to him is more important than that jackass idea of schooling that they have over there. Do I remember the stuff I learned in school? Do I use what I learned in school at all in my day to day life? Math a little bit but not really. My job is based on how I treat people. Crime and punishment video

Normal Large So far in the s, American citizens have been hectored endlessly about wearing masks, staying safe indoors and standing apart out. Yet the people who smash up neighborhoods are encouraged to keep expressing their pain. The concept of law and order is therefore becoming a twisted joke.

crime and punishment video

Yes, Minneapolis is rioting again — another police violence video circulated on the internet, another round of anarchy, another bonfire of American values. The officer responsible, a woman called Kim Potter, seems to have believed she was using a Taser to stop Wright. But she got him with a gun instead.

crime and punishment video

A stupid and terrible mistake, if so, but not necessarily another example of a culture in which young men are routinely shot just for being black. That rather key point is irrelevant to the politicians and many journalists who thrive on giving the rioters emotional succor as they go about menacing police officers and trashing streets.

They keep excusing the looting, violent rioters, even as some of them say there is no excuse for looting and violence. If Crime and punishment video is found innocent, or even not guilty enough, a carnival of street violence is anticipated.

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President Biden still just has about enough sense to condemn obvious criminality. Peaceful protest? This is the position of moderate America. Vice President Kamala Harris is keen to place herself to the edgier left of that. What has remained constant from to is the mesmerizingly supine response to rioting, especially among journalists.

It essentially captures the way elite media sucks up to the race protestors who despise them. Sidner desperately tries to signal to the angry agitator that she is on his side, that she hears him. Sidner is being widely applauded for her courage. I get that people are mad. I take no offense. Emotions are understandably high after the killing of DanteWright. One can understand why people think such an event is indicative of a violent police state that persecutes black people, though the statistics on that are debatable. And in a civilized society, high emotions, even racially charged ones, can never justify lawlessness. Does the Vice President understand that? Crime and punishment video was formerly literary editor of The American Conservative. Read Next.]

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