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Critiquing nursing research critiquing nursing research critiquing nursing research

Both studies are nursing studies that evaluate outcomes. I will be following specific key points for a quantitative perspective and a qualitative perspective. There is a guideline that I will be following for each article that includes identifying and examining the data collection and data analysis critiwuing used in each study.

critiquing nursing research

Nursing Research Critique Assignment The references will also be reviewed to determine validity and relationship to the new study. Data Collection Quantitative Study: The operational and conceptual definition is congruent. The key variables were ope rationalized using the best possible method and with adequate justification.

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Specific instruments were adequately described and were here choices, given the study purpose, the variables being studied, and the study population. The instrument used specifically was a blood pressure monitor. The blood pressure cuff size, dimensions, and inflation pressure were described. It can be determined that the data collection methods provided data that was reliable and valid. critiquing nursing research

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The intervention executed was having patients cross their legs and measuring their blood pressure. The intervention was adequately described and implemented. The data was nursijg critiquing nursing research trained nurse researchers Foster-Fitzpatrick et al. The same blood pressure monitor was operated during the data collection to minimize biases Foster-Fitzpatrick et al. It could be determined that triangulation was achieved since the interviews were performed on numerous occasions and during assorted circumstances. Post navigation.]

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