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Culture and anarchy

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Bolpur, the land associated with Rabindranath Tagore and his Shantiniketan, is at political crossroads. It is home to Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, has sent former Lok Sabha speaker Somnath Chatterjee to Parliament, and is linked to several Bengali intellectuals including painters and sculptors of international repute such as Somnath Hore. The place is in Birbhum district, which houses the ancestral village of former President Pranab Mukherjee. Birbhum, which means land of the brave, is now associated with Trinamool Congress TMC strongman Anubrata Mondal, and is infamous for political violence. Though Mondal is not a party candidate in any of the 11 seats here, his shadow looms large across the district. culture and anarchy.

Plus Three goes deep into the world of drugs, from local decriminalization and emerging psychedelic corporations, to leftist politics and mass incarceration.

culture and anarchy

Each week we attempt to make sense of the complex connections between drugs, science, capitalism, policy, and culture. Psymposia is a c 3 non-profit media organization. We depend on contributions from our readers and listeners, never ads.

culture and anarchy

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