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Being a global language, English has become extremely necessary for all international students, especially from Saudi Arabia.

culture of saudi arabia essay

Therefore, more and more students from non-English-speaking countries tend to get an education in Western institutions. As long as such students position between languages and cultures, they have no other way than to study and practice English skills.

To adapt to a foreign country, Saudi Arabia students should adapt to studying and living in an English-speaking environment, developing their language skills and social relationships. We offer you our custom essay service to write my essay cheap.

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The prices are affordable for swudi student, even on a tight budget. One of the biggest issues for international students is the lack of words and terms they might use to ask and culture of saudi arabia essay their lecturers. This happens because of the fact that English is not their native language. As for Saudi students, one of the biggest problems is a poor level of English and lack of critical thinking if it comes to academic writing. Although Saudi Arabia has opened its doors to various foreign companies, integrating itself into the world economy, there are still very few opportunities to listen, write, read, and speak English among Arab students.

Partially, it is because the Saudi curriculum is commonly founded on the Arabic language.

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As a result, they tend to speak Arabic at work. Nevertheless, they have very few chances to speak English with foreign visitors and workers.

culture of saudi arabia essay

So these students prefer to speak and listen rather than write and read. It is worth mentioning that this is not enough for them to pass their degrees and assisting them in composing tasks. Hence, they require a better performance in academic writing.]

culture of saudi arabia essay

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