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Dale harding quotes

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Dale Harding discusses 'their little black slaves...'

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AJ Foyt Racing is fielding the No. Team Xale Larry Foyt also shares his thoughts below. Before joining his father A. Past Performance at Barber: Sebastien Bourdais has finished in the top five times in nine races with a best start dale harding quotes third in and a best finish of third in Dalton Kellett will be making his first start in an Indy car here; his best start and finish in Indy Lights is sixth.

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Qualifying will be streamed live at p. On Sunday, the morning warmup will be streamed live at a. All times are Eastern Daylight Time. Remember Me. Forgot Password? Where to? The corners are very long and one leads to the next, so the balance of the car needs to be really quite hardnig.

dale harding quotes

You are in the corner for like 4 seconds which is a very long time in an Indy car. Then you have a lot of elevation changes with pretty quick entry speed, blind approaches and quick apexes. The first test we unloaded and we were a tiny bit off.

New and Noteworthy, August 2011

We learned from it and we came back a bit stronger, and it looks like we are a force to be reckoned with. The conditions should be fairly similar to when we tested with temperatures between 50 and The general response has been great.

dale harding quotes

Just do the best we can on the individual weekend. I know Larry has mentioned the top, but I think trying to set goals or any serious targets are not particularly productive. All you can do is do hzrding very best and give a hundred percent and then results come or not. Racing is quite cruel dale harding quotes. You have to be able to switch modes, from ovals to streets to roads and be up to speed right away. The driving styles are drastically different. Aggressive and very engaged physically on streets and roads.

Very smooth on ovals.

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I believe mixing schedules and different formulas has helped me to gear up for that pretty well. It also forces you not to stay trapped in the moment and move on, which is a good thing.

dale harding quotes

It really asks for a lot of commitment to be fast and you have to be precise, especially when the elevation changes affect the grip. Personally, I enjoy driving there, tracks that are fast and flowing are my favourite so it fits right in.]

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