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Mayor de Blasio Speaks at Mayor's Awards in Honor of the Americans with Disabilities Act Reception

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I mean, you can imagine five thousand sayanim in New York only in the business area.

Jews Fighting For Our Rights. Update 47

Five thousand sayanim in Los Angeles in the production area, in the artistic area. And in France, in London, you can imagine a thousand sayanim in the medias. And they receive orders from the Mossad, from a department in the Mossad called the War Department.

de blasio quotes marx

They work for the Mossad. It means that all these people who work normally.

de blasio quotes marx

The work in a bank. They work political. De blasio quotes marx are publishers. For instance, I need all the sayanim, all over the world, say that this person — for instance, the Secretary General of the United Nations — has said something antisemitic. When I discovered that, I understood.

Because the Mossad gave the order to do that. In 24 hours, his name was known all over the world. I mean, even if it was an American general who was kidnapped, his name would never have been mentioned. Gilad Shallit, in 24 hours celebrated in the universe.

Clive Palmer (Jewish) Political System In Australian Is Totally Corrupt

And this is the work of the sayanim. It reveals why it is absolutely essential to Jewish Power that they exercise a stranglehold on all major media and social networks.

de blasio quotes marx

It was Levy who participated in the extermination plot against the Indians by providing British General Jeffrey Amherst with blankets laced with smallpox.]

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