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The Main Difference Between Christianity And Buddhism differences between buddhism and christianity.

Ask a Query Introduction to The New Edition Religions worldwide have their ardent followers, who are in many instances ready to give up their lives for the precepts the believe to have no parallels.

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Still there are many who have a more enquiring nature and wish to understand those differences if any. The very concept of religion itself should lead the mind to consider and question certain aspects of what we are told. How far do these differencea really differ h differences are there how in fact do we actually decide upon their validity?

The Jews would have much to say about the teachings of say Christ or Mohammed and vice-versa though all claim to click their roots in the same basic beliefs.

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It is also true that many wars and acts of violence have taken Place between them in the name of religion. In much the same way internecine clashes have taken place and still take place between the sects owing allegiance to these religious groups. It is this intolerance that has led to much grief and hardship in the world. Much also has been said about the origins of Buddhism and the relationship that it has with the more ancient Vedic teachings of Sanatan Dharam, which from the basis of what know as present day Hinduism. There are many who will challenge this statement from the point of view that Hinduism differences between buddhism and christianity not a religion but only a reference to those living to the East of the vast majority let us continue to talk of Hinduism.

differences between buddhism and christianity

Maitreya has in this book discussed the so-called differences between the Buddhist teaching and those of the Vedas. He has quite convincingly pointed out that the Buddha born and brought up in Hindu society had not set out to set P a totally different philosophy but had actually taught and practiced within the bounds of the Differenes teachings.

Throughout this book he has carefully pointed out that even the renowned Shankaracharya had like the Buddha deviated only nominally from the Vedic ways.

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His main premise is, that the Buddha's only real deviation from the traditional ways of the Vedas was in those sections, which deal mainly with ritual and sacrifice. Saying it was something that the Buddha abhorred and wished to have removed from the daily practice of the Hindus.

differences between buddhism and christianity

The author's treatise on relative religion provides an insight into the futility of the fundamentalist ideal of the continual conflict to establish the supremacy of something that is essentially similar.]

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