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Differences between protestantism and catholicism

Differences between protestantism and catholicism - suggest

He made a dynastic marriage with Catherine of Aragon , widow of his brother Arthur , in June , just before his coronation on Midsummer's Day. Unlike his father , who was secretive and conservative, the young Henry appeared the epitome of chivalry and sociability. An observant Roman Catholic, he heard up to five masses a day except during the hunting season ; of "powerful but unoriginal mind", he let himself be influenced by his advisors from whom he was never apart, by night or day. He was thus susceptible to whoever had his ear. Wolsey's enemies at court included those who had been influenced by Lutheran ideas, [31] among whom was the attractive, charismatic Anne Boleyn. Anne arrived at court in as maid of honour to Queen Catherine, having spent some years in France being educated by Queen Claude of France. She was a woman of "charm, style and wit, with will and savagery which made her a match for Henry". She was cultured and is the disputed author of several songs and poems. Henry wanted to avoid a similar uncertainty over the succession. differences between protestantism and catholicism

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One notable example is Isaiahwhich in the KJV is translated "a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel. The problem is that the Hebrew text has the word 'almah,' which does not mean "virgin," but "young woman": the Hebrew word for "virgin" is 'bethulah,' and most modern Bible translations do not use "virgin" to translate Isaiah Some Christians, including the author of Matthewview this passage as a prophecy of the birth of Jesus from the virgin Mary, but that ignores the entire context of that chapter: the purpose of the prophecy was to answer King Ahaz' question about the outcome of his upcoming war with Syria and Israel. The error can be traced back to the fact that the King James translators relied heavily on the Latin Vulgate translation of the Bible by Jerome, from the 4th century A. Jerome, in turn, relied on the Greek Septuagint translation of the Old Testament.

In Greek there is only one word for both meanings "virgin" and "young woman"making the Greek translation from Differences between protestantism and catholicism ambiguous. But why would Nephi be confused?

Why should God let you into Heaven?

He was supposedly in possession of the original Hebrew text, which would have had the word 'almah,' not 'bethulah. The only place the word "Lucifer" occurs in the entire Bible is in the King James Version at this passage. Other translations do not have "Lucifer" there or anywhere at allbut translate the word correctly as "day-star," "star of the morning" or "morning star.

differences between protestantism and catholicism

The Hebrew root 'h-l-l' means "shine" or "boast," so it is probably a taunting pun in the Hebrew Isaiah. There were two Greek names for the planet, both similar: either 'heos-phoros' meaning "dawn-bringer," or 'phos-phoros' meaning "light-bringer. It is probably influenced by the erroneous assumption that Luke saying that Satan fell as lightning from heaven is a reference to the Isaiah passage.

differences between protestantism and catholicism

protstantism Oddly, the only other place in the Bible where the term "morning star" 'phosphoros' is used is at 2 Peterwhere it refers to Jesus! Revelations and also refer to the "morning star," meaning Jesus, but use a different Greek phrase made up of the Greek words for "morning" and "star. Most guesses in more modern translations differ from the KJV translation.

differences between protestantism and catholicism

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