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Leadership Styles : The Partnership The Partnership The partnership is a drastically different kind of leadership from the styles previously discussed in this section. The partnership, however, blurs the line and requires the leader to become just one of the group. Characteristics of the Partnership Partnership characteristics include the following: Equality. Group vision. All group members participate in decision-making and setting the direction for the unit. Shared responsibility.

FashionUnited emailed her about her style of leadership for women and men, showing more courage, and her in-house cultural transformation program. Scharner Wolf, please describe your career in your own words. Prior to joining the Otto Group, I worked as a business consultant.

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At Otto, I started working as a Controlling employee, gradually different leadership styles responsibility and changing departments every few years. I loved learning about different perspectives and focusing on them in combination with challenging transformations. Fortunately, I always had a husband learn more here my side who fully supported different leadership styles endorsed all my professional aspirations.

What qualities are particularly suitable for your current position? I enjoy getting things done and taking advantage of my creative freedom. If you want to change something, you have to be able to make difficult and even unpopular decisions. Thanks to my professional expertise, I can trust myself and my decisions. Because they can be objectively derived and justified. I forgot to say the important thing, but the willingness to change also plays a big role. The Otto Group has lived in Culture Change 4. This has changed the way we work, our way of thinking, our behavior and our attitude.

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different leadership styles This new way of working adapts us to the future, but it demanded a lot from all our colleagues, especially our managers-I can tell you that from my own experience. I will. Anyone who is inflexible or different leadership styles to criticism will have a hard time taking a leadership position. How has the pandemic changed your work? Like many others, all work has become remote work. From one day to the next in March of last year, we completely transformed our ongoing work into work at home as much as possible with great success. This showed me that the Otto Group was in a very good position for these extraordinary corona-related difefrent, technically and culturally.

Leadership Styles : The Partnership

From daily stand-ups and teamwork to virtual learning formats and barcamps, digital employee events and different leadership styles management conferences, new ideas and formats have been developed everywhere to further improve virtual collaboration. These are currently being held at a much faster pace than usual. I was impressed by how close they were, despite the distance. We want and must maintain the cooperative cooperation of this group as a whole.]

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