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Dope bird Greek god for war
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His father David Barrie was a modestly successful weaver. His mother Margaret Ogilvy assumed her deceased mother's household responsibilities at the age of eight. Barrie was the ninth child of ten two of whom died before he was born , all of whom were schooled in at least the three Rs in preparation for possible professional careers. One time, Barrie entered her room and heard her say, "Is that you? When he was 10, he returned home and continued his education at the Forfar Academy. He became a voracious reader, and was fond of penny dreadfuls and the works of Robert Michael Ballantyne and James Fenimore Cooper. At Dumfries , he and his friends spent time in the garden of Moat Brae house, playing pirates "in a sort of Odyssey that was long afterwards to become the play of Peter Pan". However, his family attempted to persuade him to choose a profession such as the ministry. With advice from Alexander, he was able to work out a compromise: he would attend a university, but would study literature. He graduated and obtained an M.

Doctor on leave gets dope from Australia 6 I believe the answer is: 'dope from australia' is the definition.

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Australian term for a stupid person 'doctor on leave' is the wordplay. Other definitions for drongo that I've seen before include "Long-tailed songbird", "dope", "No-hoper", "Bird - Aussie fool - Gordon anag ", "Bird -- idiot in Australia ".

dope bird

I've seen this clue in The Times. Similar clues.]

dope bird

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