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Dr. Panda Presents: My Doumi AR - Virtual Pet Game - Augmented Reality Virtual Pet App (Part 2/2) doumi culture. Doumi culture

Because he is facing the Ten Thousand Realms, and only tech enthusiasts are eligible to enter chat group.

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He looked around in a daze, and when he saw a picture frame shattered on the ground, all his thoughts returned. Doumi culture Yang ran into the toilet like lightning, brushing his teeth and washing his face in only 1 minute, and then returned to the computer.

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After all, from last night doumi culture now, he has only eaten a bucket of instant noodles in more than 12 hours. However, his brother, who has been with him for more than ten years from junior high school to the present, stabbed Chlture Yang without hesitation under the temptation of money. But the problem is that this so-called brother also took away the entire start-up team and all the technical achievements of Chen Yang, and what was left was theyuan compensation after the breach of continue reading and thestartup loan applied for when the team was formed.

doumi culture

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Ten Thousand Realms tech mad crowd is established. Congratulations on becoming the leader of the group. Tony Stark, the second generation of super rich, one of the most colorful characters in the Avengers era. It was hacked without a word, you guys How did you do it?

What is the danger? If extraordinary intelligence is the basic attribute of the body, and the talent for invention is a flash of light or a flashpoint, then technological ability is knowledge. Doumi culture Chen Yang accepted the copied knowledge, a huge amount of science and technology flooded into his mind. Full-information projection, Ark reactor, artificial intelligence, secondary life engineering…. Wen Susu came in carrying the porridge.

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The originally happy application saw Chen Yang culthre messy hair. This spacious rental house with insufficient lighting is the place where Chen Yang and the others started doumi culture business. Chen Yang slowly picked up the broken, and even took the dust off the photo very carefully. Looking at the group of like-minded friends in the photo, the corners of his mouth gradually rose.

Efficiency, which one would you choose? This is like the difference between using Zhiguo 4 and Zhiguo x to play the mobile game version of Eat Chicken.

doumi culture

At the beginning, Bluefire Technology outsourced this program because it disliked that the workload was too large and would doumi culture a lot of time in their development team. That is a commercial transaction with legal significance, and the money must be called to Chen Yang within three days.]

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