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02-15-17 Attributes of True Dukkha: Dukkha - BBCorner dukkah buddhism

Rebirths occur in six realms of existence: heavenly, demi-god, human, animal, ghosts, hellish.

The Three Bodies Of Mahayana Buddhism

Read the first part of the article. Generally there are both male and female ASURA-s; males are depicted as ugly, while the females are beautiful.

dukkah buddhism

Males generally like to fight physically using their strength. The female ASURA-s tend to fight in coverts methods, using weapons of the minds such as ignorance, jealousy, obstructiveness and affliction. They are renowned for their fierce envy and pride.

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They exist in the animal, human, hungry ghost and even the Gods realms. Regardless of the realm they are in, they will dukkah buddhism fights and have bad tempers. They will actively try to control other entities like a supervisor, while not allowing themselves to be controlled. ASURA-s in the human realm can include military officials and troops. The especially bad ones can come in the form of bandits, robbers, thieves, thugs and murders.

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They scheme and fight morning till night, in order to seize the jeweled throne and become the heavenly king. The downfall of the ASURA is that they are strong beyond a dukkah buddhism, but lack the power to defeat any heavenly beings.

dukkah buddhism

ASURA-s exist in the animal realm as well. They often bully other animals and kill them for food. ASURA-s in the hungry ghost realm exist to bully the ghosts within this realm.]

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