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Taskara is a fictional vigilante hacker superhero who appears in Indian comic books published by Fenil Comics. Created by graphic novelist Kiriti Rambhatla the character is the alias of Dr. Arjun Kumar, an influential Indian born economist who works at the IMF before turning into an underground hacker. Taskara steals from the wealthy banks and sends the stolen digital currency into poor institutions. Taskara was adapted into live action feature film in Indian Telugu -language thriller film written by Kiriti Rambhatla. The film had its premiere on December 19, in Hyderabad and theatrical release on January 8, In a futuristic London of , a Financial Times journalist is researching currencies. He finds a clue about an anonymous professor of Economics and leaves to meet him in India. economic hit men

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John Perkins - New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Such sentiments are routine for liberals and hardly unknown among social democrats. Such sentiments are, to anyone who cares to pursue a study of history, quite ahistorical.

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Violence, force and coercion — exemplified in widespread use of slave labor, imperialist conquests of peoples around the world and ruthless extraction of natural resources — pervades the entire history of capitalism. To follow up on my previous article discussing economic hit men U. Perkins, for those not familiar with his book, provides a first-hand account of how the U. That is no surprise to anyone paying attention, but the book became an improbable best seller, meaning there must have been many eyes opened. That can only be a positive development. But even Mr. Given the outstanding service he has provided in writing his book, and the physical danger that he put himself in to publish it he postponed writing it multiple times fearing possible consequencesleast of all do I want to imply criticism or raise any snarky accusations against Mr. My point here is that even a strong critic of U. Economic hit men all-encompassing pervasiveness of capitalist propaganda, and that the relentless dissemination of it across every media and institutional outlet, still leaves most people with a wistful idealization of some earlier, innocent capitalism not yet befouled by anti-social behavior and violence or by greed.

Horrific, state-directed violence in massive doses enabled capitalism to slowly establish itself, then methodically expand from its northwestern European beginnings. English lords wanted to transform arable land into sheep meadows to take advantage of the demand for wool, and began razing peasant cottages to clear the land.

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For example, beginning with the Tudors, England created a series of stern measures to prevent peasants from drifting into vagrancy or falling back onto welfare systems. According to a statute, beggars over the age of fourteen were to be severely flogged economic hit men branded with a red-hot iron on the left ear unless someone was willing to take them into service for two years. Repeat offenders over the age of eighteen were to be executed unless someone econoic take them into service. Third offenses automatically resulted in execution. As industrial resistance gathered steam, the British government employed 12, troops to repress craft workers, artisans, factory workers and small farmers who were resisting the introduction economic hit men machinery by capitalists, seeing these machines as threats to their freedom and dignity.

economic hit men

Slavery critical to capitalist accumulation Nor can the role of slavery in bootstrapping the rise of capitalism be ignored. The slave trade, until the end of the seventeenth century, was conducted by government monopolies.

Britain and other European powers earned far more from the plantations of their Caribbean colonies than from North American possessions; much Msn produce could not be economic hit men in Europe, while North American colonies tended to produce what Europe could already provide for itself.

economic hit men

Britain profited enormously from the triangular trade, both in the slave itself and the surpluses generated from plantation crops produced with slave labor. Proceeds from the slave trade were large enough to lift the prosperity of the British economy as a whole, provide the economic hit men funds to build the infrastructure necessary to support industry and the scale of economicc resulting from a growing industrial economy, and ease credit problems.]

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