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Effects of the iran iraq war

Effects of the iran iraq war - can recommend

So far, so predictable. But away from the grandstanding, it was a slightly different story. One of the Pakistani news channels just reported that the Iranian foreign minister called in the Pakistani ambassador to complain that his country's territory was being used as a launch pad by terrorists to attack Iran. BBC is reporting that Jundullah, a Sunni terrorist group operating in Iranian Balouchistan, claimed responsibility for the attack. The obvious question that springs to mind is whether an instable Pakistan is leaking fall out. It's one thing if Pakistani actors are cultivating mini armies to use against neighbours in a competition for influence or to bleed an opponent. In fact, it has the potential to be worse, because Afghanistan's Taliban government hadn't spent decades training mini armies that had support networks and physical assets all over their territory. Of course, it didn't also have nuclear weapons. If something similar happens in China's Xinjiang provice, does Pakistan get like a toaster effects of the iran iraq war.

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What Happened in the Iran-Iraq War? - History

However, like the war itself, its contribution to shaping the contemporary Middle East is fading from memory. In Iraq, Saddam Hussein used war and emergency rules as pretext to establish an unprecedented totalitarian dictatorship. This allowed Saddam to rely on an army with a Shiite majority among the rank and file soldiers, to fight Shiite Iran. The Iraqi Communist Party, previously a real challenge to the Baath, did not survive the purge in and ceased to be a real threat to the Saddam regime in the s.

effects of the iran iraq war

For the Kurds, on the other hand, war was an opportunity to renew their rebellion. The Kurdish rebels established a new leadership and restarted the rebellion in the north. However, the war ended with the worst catastrophe for the Iraqi Kurds: in March the Iraqi army bombarded the town of Halabja using chemical weapons and, later in that year, the Iraqi regime carried out a genocidal campaign against the Kurdish population killing approximatelyindividuals. Only in Iraq reached its pre war production levels. War costs weighed heavily on the Iraqi economy, now unable to pay for effects of the iran iraq war. At the end of the war, Iraq accumulated an external debt of over billion dollar.

Before starting the war, Iraq, under the influence of Saddam Hussein, reoriented its foreign policy from a focus on Arab-Israeli edfects to a focus on the Hitler youth belt. The war, along with economic dependence, brought Iraq closer to the conservative, pro-Western states in the Arab world: Effdcts Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and even Egypt.

In Iran, a more unique political system took shape. The elderly Ayatollah Khomeini, who survived the war and died incertainly contributed to the emergence of a political system from the mayhem of revolution and war. But so did the war and its continuation. BetweenIraqi forces were on Iranian territory and driving them out was a patriotic mission.

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When this was achieved in Junevictorious Iran was eager to push the fighting iean Iraqi territory and not ready to settle for a ceasefire. Only byafter five years of constant futile attempts to achieve significant territorial gains, did the Iranian population show signs of war fatigue. Iran also suffered economically. Its oil sector, mostly located in the war areas of Southwestern Iran, was constantly hit by the Iraqis. Unlike the Iraqis, who transferred oil export from the war torn Gulf to other directions, the Iranians continued to rely on exports through the Gulf region. The nuclear project, which started under the Shah, was put aside. In addition, Iran also suffered from international isolation.

Its Shiism and revolutionary zeal alienated most Arab countries from Iran. The only exception was the alliance with Syria and the increasing involvement in Lebanon.

effects of the iran iraq war

The Iran Iraq war was not only the longest war in the twentieth century, it was off last conventional war in history. Most of the war routine was made of armored and infantry battles, artillery and air strikes. However, in two aspects this war signaled a new era. Iraq first used its home produced chemical weapons against the Iranian army with very limited impact.

In March the Iraqi air force bombarded the Kurdish town of Halabja, killing people, which has been the biggest chemical attack on civilian target in Middle Eastern history so far.]

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