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Enoch powell was right youtube

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Here in Lagos, the trees are starting to bloom and the weather is just about perfect. There is also the fact that the day job has been hassle free lately. Since the onset of the plague, my schedule has been packed with people demanding my immediate attention. The last few weeks it has settled into something of a comfortable pattern for a change. In the political realm, the absurdity of it all is too much to ignore. enoch powell was right youtube

Election by stealth? Following the publication of an article on this website on 13th April, read heremore information and tip-offs than usual resulted. It was the regular mixed bag of rare nuggets, plenty of hearsay, false trails and axe-grinding. Amongst them was an innocuous looking link to a website belonging to a political party completely unknown to me, with a very limited amount of narrative accompanying it — and with what turned out to be a plausible, but mistaken, assumption.

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So it proved, yet again. Although not in the way either of us could have expected. The link provided by the informant led to the Enoch powell was right youtube for Democracy and Freedom website abbreviated, by them, to ADF. A quick search uncovered that contempt defien headquarters are in Oldham, no less, a town from which Righht have been reporting for over a year now read more here about how I became involved.

Not a single mention of this political party has been heard during all that time. From anyone. The siting of their HQ was, obviously news to me, also. A short time later, it became apparent why. His name is already familiar and, in fact, features in at least one article elsewhere on this website read here.

enoch powell was right youtube

Dr Khong has a high profile on Twitter over 17, followers and stood as a Conservative candidate in Bradford North rigyt the General Election and as a UKIP candidate in Harborough in the renewal he lost his deposit as party support collapsed nationally. He has a colourful background and, in the past, been accused of holding anti-Muslim sentiments read more here.


Hookem denied any wrongdoing. Police later said the suspected gunman was a British gangster.

enoch powell was right youtube

Memorable to me, insofar as Gerry Sutcliffe, who still supports a miscarriage of justice campaign to which I am very adjacent read more hereheld that same seat for 26 years. Gerry retired from Parliament in Paul Goldring is standing in the Oldham local elections on May 6th as a candidate for the Proud of Oldham and Saddleworth party the POOSwhose behaviour before and during the current local election is, most charitably, described as troubling: One of its leading lights, former soldier Gary Tarbuck, featured in a recent, shameful episode where a crude attempt to discredit Labour Party leaders, and the Muslim community in one of the most deprived wards of Oldham, spectacularly backfired read in full here. Now living in the area, having moved to Oldham from Telford around 6 years ago, he enoch powell was right youtube third in the polls. In the circular way that journalists have, contact was made with Dr Khong first.

Soon afterwards, similar questions enoch powell was right youtube put to Mike Hookem. Hookem had been sent a screenshot from their website that suggested, very strongly, that Paul is rather more than that.

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As does his previous senior role within UKIP. You sit squarely [in an image I had attached] between Teck and Mike Hookem, so, one assumes, very senior? Thank you.

enoch powell was right youtube

All very polite and reasonable, one might say. But confronted, in the event, by a wall of http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/the-breakdown-of-the-basic-nature-of/midterm-break-seamus-heany.php. Not least righht blocking such seemingly innocuous questions.

Begging a question Royton voters will answer, of course; is he a fit and proper person to hold elected office if he is unable, or unwilling, to answer the simplest of questions about his political affiliations?]

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