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Working with Databases AssignmentIT Appraise database development standards and security issues. PurposeThis assignment will help you to understand the basic organization of entities in a database and the various levels of normalization. You will also understand that SQL is a typical language used and find where it can be learned. A template is given for this assignment; while APA citation and referencing are required, the format is business-like. Download and use the template here: Required Unit 4 Assignment 1 TemplateAssignment Instructions and RequirementsA recent veterinary school graduate has asked you to put together a database for her new practice. While this assignment will not produce a full plan for a database, you will produce some ideas to discuss with the vet first. Part 1: Developing Entity TablesDevelop an entity table for one kind of animal client, chosen from this list:The top row should be your primary key. The rest of that column should be left blank. Essay database essay database.

Discuss why it is possible to draw a different ER Diagram from the scenario by each of you.

essay database

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CSU Unit 3 Suitable NoSQL Database Application for Falcon Security Essay

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essay database

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essay database

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