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The entire household had a huge debate over food. Bernard and Demi, my roommate from Nigeria, said that American food had no color. They told us that our food taste like it was flavored with water. They ate stuff like pounded yam, which looks exactly like mash potatoes, and jollof rice. Both Grace and Carlisle are old time cities, without many stores or cell phone services which adds to their isolation. Since there are not many forms of entertainment for teens, they are left to themselves and end up stuck in Tucson. In addition, the people in these small towns know everything about everyone and are incredibly nosy. When Codi takes a trip from Grace to Tucson, she is surprised when every person she meets has no prior knowledge of her. I have never had any interested in art at all, until I know about Yasuo, Kuniyoshi. Yasuo and I have a bit in common that we are both immigrants.

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The major character of my essay is a Mexican immigrant, whose name is Laura Tapia. Laura was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, in She never knew her father and was brought up by a single mother who could not take good care of her and her elder sister because essays about immigrants coming to america had to work around the clock to earn their living. Both girls helped their mothers by taking part-time jobs and doing housework. Moreover, they also had an old and sick visit web page to look after, which made it highly challenging for Laura to succeed in school as she had almost no time for studies.

The family did not immigranfs any connections with other relatives, who lived in other towns. Although the girls knew that their father was alive, they never attempted to get in touch with him and never received any support from him. When the grandmother passed away, the financial situation of the family immigrantz unbearable since they were deprived of one of their sources of income.

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In the s, the country was trying to survive in the economic crisis. The birth rate was so high that it seemed quite impossible to move people out of abject poverty. She moved to America, leaving her mother and issue essays behind. It was hard for them to cope with the new circumstances. Despite their persistent struggle against her disease, she essays about immigrants coming to america away rather quickly.

Thus, there was nothing that kept Laura in Mexico any longer and she opted for immigration. Laura never had a trusting relationship with her elder sister and both felt rather alienated from each other. Nevertheless, the situation did not provide her with numerous options. The sister agreed rather reluctantly but still bought Laura a ticket and helped her pack her scarce belongings. For Laura, who had never left her home city before, the journey was rather challenging.

essays about immigrants coming to america

Moreover, since she was still underage, they had to settle problems with her documents. However, despite all these hardships, the sisters successfully reached their destination. Under the immigration and nationalization act offamily reinfection was one of the top preferences for citizenship.

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Therefore, that was the way Laura was able to gain her citizenship in the United States. She wanted to finish school and go to the university to become a nurse administrator.

essays about immigrants coming to america

She sincerely believed that all her misfortunes had been left behind. However, the real picture was not that bright and optimistic. For a girl that grew up immifrants Mexico, it was hard to get used to the restlessness of the Eisenhower era. The whole nation was on the move, both literally and figuratively. There were plenty of those who embraced religion in the lower class, while representatives of the upper class opted for visits to psychiatrists.]

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