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What are the ethical issues facing business today? ethical issues in restaurant business Ethical issues in restaurant business ethical issues in restaurant business

The topic of the night was gentrification, a process by which wealthy people in a community bring changes to a low-income area, often creating better housing and attracting new businesses. While it might sound beneficial to everyone, gentrification typically displaces the current residents who have built their lives and raised their families there.

She said she has firsthand the gentrification of communities around her. Late last year, a state judge approved a development in the area that could lead to further displacement of nearby residents who might not be able ethical issues in restaurant business afford to live there.

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In the eyes of Jah and the Intersections group, stories like these represent history being erased. These are communities whose stories are being set aside in favor of making money. Jah insisted that the issue is a lack of humanity. She challenged the audience to have difficult conversations with budiness friends.

ethical issues in restaurant business

Hence the creation of groups such as Intersections. Anna Peterson, a founding member of Intersections, attended the discussion Thursday night. The group sees ethics as an essential part of life and a defining trait of a good community. Leaving communities across the nation at a crossroads in which the direction is determined by the about community ethical issues.

Lomelin has lived in the same neighborhood for years and has seen gentrification firsthand in his community.

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Jah said they will soon be unrecognizable. That concerns me.

ethical issues in restaurant business

Among those solutions was buying the properties before the corporations get their hands on them. Jah insisted that was important, but that it all starts with conversations and awareness.]

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