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For this particular assignment, much of the data and information that you provide MUST come from the U. However, you will need to use other sources for some additional information, as well as maps, pictures, and other images that are also expected to be included. As with the previous assignments, you will be expected to put all of the information requested for this assignment in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation document. Slide 1 : The State. Slide 2 : The Dominant Nation. For each group, include the following:. Slide 4: Political Geography in the News. Find and read a recent news article that discusses an example of a political issue in this place. Write a summary of this article at least words and, in the process, discuss at least 2 specific examples of concepts or issues from our course material that this article illustrates about the political geography of this place. Slide 5 : Nation-State Analysis. examples of stateless nations Examples of stateless nations

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Who are stateless people?

None of the Countries recognize my citizenship.

examples of stateless nations

The US immigration law bars me from adjusting the Status or getting a GC because I am "inadmissible" under issues of moral turpitude. At this point, although ordered removed, the immigration authorities could not remove me anywhere and I am a citizen of no country.

examples of stateless nations

I am stuck in the US with no travel documents to visit any other country. Any advise is appreciated. I have to be honest. Any sensible person knows two things.

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Communism, a statelessmoneylesssociety where workers control the means of production is as much utopian hog wash as the Libertarian notion that you can abolish all taxes, the policenationdand have a society with no government based on pure capitalism. Both are silly and Impossible. Real systems are all mixed up bit examples of stateless nations public and private, to one degree or other. Now that i got that off my chestI want to ask everyone is a GMI guaranteed minimum income a liberal idea or a socialist idea.

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Milton Friedman and other conservatives have advocated for one if all other social programs were done away with. Hello everyone!

examples of stateless nations

I am Jack, although it's not my real name, people would usually call me Jack for ease. I am 18 years old, chinese male, working class family and currently reside in Penang. I don't usually wrote on reddit or any other site for that matter so please pardon if I missed any formelities. I don't think my writing is good but what examples of stateless nations heck, I am desperate ststeless I will try anything to help myself and people like me.]

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