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fantasy collusion

The scoring for this fantasj will follow basic PPR format. The initial draft order will be determined fantasy collusion random before the draft. Each Owner will adhere to a time limit during which each selection must be made. The draft format will be a slow online draft, with the timer set to 12 hours, while being suspended between fantasy collusion — EST. Draft order will be determined by Possible Points scored from weeks for the top 6 draft picks the teams that did not make the playoffs.

League Scoring for Dynasty Leagues

The first 2 teams eliminated from the playoffs will fantasy collusion in week 15 to determine who gets 5th and 6th place. In week week the championship will determine the champion and the runner up. Week 16 will also determine the 3rd and 4th place teams. Dropped players will not lock for any period of time. Each Owners BB cap will be The minimum bid amount is Once an owner hits their personal fantasy collusion of However, since FCFS transactions do not go against this cap, Owners can continue to add players that way. Players that are dropped during the BB period will be available for BB immediately.

Starting Lineup for all non-IDP leagues:

At no time can an Owner breach the roster limit for FCFS transactions or BB transactions, so when a roster is full, a team must drop a player to pick fantasy collusion a player. You cannot claim a player if he dollusion already played in that fantasy week. Example: Player B played Thursday night and you submit a request Friday morning for him. The request will be processed the following week. All FCFS transactions must be made online. Players dropped during this time will be entered into draft. Example: Player C goes down with a season-ending knee injury.]

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