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The Tsar promulgated a new code of laws Sudebnik of , established the first Russian feudal representative body Zemsky Sobor and introduced local self-management into the rural regions. Thus, by the end of the 16th century Russia was transformed into a transcontinental state. The slave raids of Crimeans , however, did not cease until the late 17th century though the construction of new fortification lines across Southern Russia, such as the Great Abatis Line , constantly narrowed the area accessible to incursions. In , the Poles were forced to retreat by the Russian volunteer corps, led by two national heroes, merchant Kuzma Minin and Prince Dmitry Pozharsky. The Romanov Dynasty acceded to the throne in by the decision of Zemsky Sobor, and the country started its gradual recovery from the crisis.

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Peabody and Shermanand Hellboy.

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In the film Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonianthe lead character uses the of Rubik" as a ruse to deceive and slow the villain's progress. The Soviet cartoon " Cube " rus.

Rubik, the Amazing Cube was a short-lived Saturday morning cartoon television series where the main character was a folk culture article Rubik's Cube. In the South Park episode "The Ring"a 4x4x4 cube can be seen on the cover of a magazine and in "The Coon" a Rubik's 3x3x3 cube is seen.

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In "Cube Wars", an episode from the television series Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? It dances along with other toys that have sunk to the bottom of Bonnie's bathtub after folk culture article light-up puffer fish toy lands in the bottom of the tub. He uses it as a smoke bomb.

In the episode "Badge! Solved, a short horror film starring world-champion speedcuber Rowe Hesslerportrays an obsession with the Rubik's Cube as its central plot device.

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Spider-Man Noir is fascinated by it even though he can not see color. In the film's post credits scene, he is seen back in the past, selling the Rubik's Cube as an amazing contraption.

Comics and manga[ edit ] While the God's Number of a Rubik's Cube has been determined to be 20 by computer algorithms, [15] in DC Comics Final Crisis crossover series, it folk culture article shown that a real god can solve it in less with the actual number being The time-traveling New God Metron is depicted with a cube; and the solving folk culture article a cube utilizing a God's Number maneuver of 17 results in a flash of blinding supernatural luminosity which destroys evil minions of Darkseid in the vicinity, as well as restoring the memory of the amnesic New God who just solved it In the manga and anime of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Yoshida Haru is seen to be solving a Rubik's Cube in episode 6. However, it is shown that he has solved the Rubik's Cube.

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Museum exhibition[ edit ] Liberty Science Center and Google designed an interactive exhibit based on the Rubik's Cube. The doodle allowed users to solve the cube, by twisting and turning its parts, keeping a score culgure moves on the side. The cube also appears in Maroon 5 's " Payphone " music video. It can be found unsolved on folk culture article desk of the banker in the official video.

The cube also appears in " If You " music video by the singer Magic Box. A cube is briefly shown being rough-handled comically, with a screwdriver by a puppet caricature of Mr. Rubik which appeared on album entitled Twisting The Knights Away. The album's cover also depicts a Rubik's Cube which contains the folk culture article of the band members on each smaller cube. A promotional Rubik's Cube featuring the four Julian Opie portraits of the band members of Blur was released in in promotion for the Blur: The Best of album which also features the portraits on the cover Art[ edit ] Large Rubik's Cube built on the University of Michigan's North Campus Probably from the earliest days of the Rubik's Cube craze in the s people have assembled cubes to form simple art pieces, several early 'Folk Artists' are noted for their work.

Once the cube was covered with colored panels savage inequalities that it resembled a Rubik's Cube. Removed later folk culture article same semester, the cube reappeared in the fall of on the first day of classes.

It was later removed, but in response to the cube, the university is planning on a permanent Rubik's Cube art installation on North Campus. Oversized Cube installations with staircases in them are found outside the s-themed buildings of Disney's Pop Century Resort. The piece is powered by LED lights and fully interactive and playable, using electronic control stations.

Rubik's Cubism[ edit ] Beyond the Folk Art of the s and s, folk culture article the simple replication of a Rubik's Cube in oversized form, artists have developed a pointillist art style using the cubes.]

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