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Formation of earth video

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In evolutionary biology , abiogenesis , or informally the origin of life OoL , [3] [4] [5] [a] is the natural process by which life has arisen from non-living matter, such as simple organic compounds. There are several principles and hypotheses for how abiogenesis could have occurred. The study of abiogenesis aims to determine how pre-life chemical reactions gave rise to life under conditions strikingly different from those on Earth today. Life functions through the specialized chemistry of carbon and water and builds largely upon four key families of chemicals: lipids cell membranes , carbohydrates sugars, cellulose , amino acids protein metabolism , and nucleic acids DNA and RNA. Any successful theory of abiogenesis must explain the origins and interactions of these classes of molecules. Researchers generally think that current life descends from an RNA world , [17] although other self-replicating molecules may have preceded RNA. The classic Miller—Urey experiment and similar research demonstrated that most amino acids, the chemical constituents of the proteins used in all living organisms, can be synthesized from inorganic compounds under conditions intended to replicate those of the early Earth. Scientists have proposed various external sources of energy that may have triggered these reactions, including lightning and radiation. Other approaches "metabolism-first" hypotheses focus on understanding how catalysis in chemical systems on the early Earth might have provided the precursor molecules necessary for self-replication. The alternative panspermia hypothesis [21] speculates that microscopic life arose outside Earth by unknown mechanisms, and spread to the early Earth on space dust [22] and meteoroids. formation of earth video. formation of earth video

Subscriber Account active since. A weak spot in our planet's magnetic field, located above the southern Atlantic Ocean, has been increasing in size over the last two centuries, and it's starting to split in two. For those of us on the ground, this isn't cause for concern: The protective formation of earth video continues to shield the planet from deadly solar radiation. But the South Atlantic Anomaly, as it's appropriately named, does affect satellites and other spacecraft that pass through an area between South America and southern Africa. That's because higher quantities of charged solar particles seep through the field there, which can cause malfunctions in computers and circuitry.

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The source of this growing "dent," as NASA calls itis a bit of a mystery. But scientists expect it to keep expanding.

formation of earth video

Aubert thinks that the dent may have a connection to vidso gigantic blobs of dense rock buried 1, miles inside the Earth. Because of their makeup, the blobs disturb the liquid metal in the outer core that generates the magnetic field. Both blobs are "millions of times larger than Mount Everest in terms of volume," according to Qian Yuana researcher studying geodynamics at Arizona State University.

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Yuan's team thinks the blobs are otherworldly read article origin: After an formation of earth video, Mars-sized planet careened into Earth, it might have left these pieces behind. Nearly 2, miles below Earth's surface, swirling iron in the planet's outer core generates a magnetic field that stretches all the way from there to the space surrounding our planet.

That swirl is generated, in part, by a process in which hotter, lighter material from the core rises into the semi-solid mantle above. There, it swaps places with cooler, denser mantle material, which sinks into ivdeo core below. This is known as convection. The problem is that something at the boundary between the core and mantle underneath southern Africa is wreaking havoc on that convection, thereby weakening the strength of the magnetic field above it.]

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