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MAHATMA GANDHI: An Autobiography - Animated Book Summary gandhi movie review essay.

The film is about Bhagat Singha socialist revolutionary who fought for Indian independence along with fellow members of the Hindustan Republic Association.

gandhi movie review essay

Santosh and Akhilendra Mishra as the tandhi lead characters. The film chronicles Bhagat's life from his childhood where he witnesses the Jallianwala Bagh massacre until the day he was hanged to death—23 March AnandV. Mayekar and Nitin Chandrakant Desai were in charge of the cinematography, editing and production design respectively.

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The soundtrack, composed by A. Rahmanwas released on 4 May to positive reception, with "Mera Rang De Basanti" and " Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna " being well-received in particular. The Legend of Gandhi movie review essay Singh was released on 7 June to generally positive reviews, with the direction, story, screenplay, technical aspects and the performances of Devgn and Sushant receiving the most attention.

At the age of 12, Read article takes a solemn vow to free India from British rule after witnessing the aftermath of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. Soon after the massacre, he learns of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi 's satyagraha policies and begins to support the non-cooperation movementin which thousands of people burn British-made clothing and abandon school, college studies, and government jobs.

gandhi movie review essay

In FebruaryGandhi calls off the movement after the Chauri Chaura incident. Undaunted, Bhagat decides to become a revolutionary, and, as rview adult, joins the Hindustan Republic Association in its struggle for India's independenceending up in prison for his activities. Bhagat's father, Kishen, bails him out so that he can get him to run a dairy farm and marry a girl named Mannewali. Bhagat runs away from home, leaving a note saying that his love for the country comes first. He and Dutt throw the bombs on empty benches due to their intention to avoid causing casualties. Gandhi movie review essay are subsequently arrested and tried publicly.

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Bhagat then gives a speech about his ideas of revolutionstating that he wanted to tell the world about the revolutionaries himself rather than let the British misrepresent them as violent people, citing this as the reason for bombing the assembly. Bhagat soon becomes as popular as Gandhi among the Indian populace, in particular the younger generation, labourers and farmers.

In Lahore Central JailBhagat and all of the other fellow prisoners, including Thapar and Rajguru, undertake a day hunger strike to improve the conditions of Indian political prisoners. Meanwhile, Azad, whom the British had repeatedly failed to capture, is ambushed gandhi movie review essay the Alfred Park in Allahabad on 27 February The police surround the entire park leading to a shootout; refusing to be captured by the British, Azad commits suicide with the last remaining bullet in his Colt pistol.

gandhi movie review essay

Fearing the growing popularity of the hunger strike amongst the Indian public nationwide, Lord Irwin orders the re-opening of the Saunders' murder case, which leads to death sentences being imposed on Bhagat, Thapar and Rajguru. The Indians hope that Gandhi will use his pact with Irwin as an opportunity to save Bhagat, Thapar and Rajguru's lives. Irwin refuses Gandhi's request for their release.

Gandhi reluctantly agrees movoe sign a pact which includes the clause: "Release of political prisoners except for the ones involved in violence". Bhagat, Sukhdev and Rajguru are hanged gandhi movie review essay secrecy on 23 March Inthe film director Rajkumar Santoshi read several books on the socialist revolutionary, Bhagat Singh, and felt that a biopic would help revive interest in him.

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Khullar's biography of the revolutionary. I definitely wanted to know more about him. The following month, Rajabali formally began his research on Bhagat while admitting to Santoshi that it was "a difficult task". Rajabali wanted to "recreate the world that Bhagat Singh lived in", and his research required him to "not only understand the man, but also the influences on him, the politics of that era". Gurpal obtained additional information from newspaper clippings of The Tribune dated from toand from Bhagat's prison notebooks. These gave Rajabali "an idea of gandhi movie review essay had appealed to the man, the literary and intellectual influences that impacted him in that period".]

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