Gavrilo princip shooting franz ferdinand -

gavrilo princip shooting franz ferdinand

In What Ways Did the Causes of Ww1 Differ from Those of Ww2?

Population Density — Nick Routley The take-away is that the US population is at risk in war, especially nuclear, given the level of concentration. Something to keep in mind now that the wheels are in motion in the direction of a scenario resembling the brink of WWI, as Henry Kissinger has gavrio.

gavrilo princip shooting franz ferdinand

I am no fan of Kissinger's version of realpolitik, but he is a good analyst. The assassinations triggered World War 1, which broke out a month later when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.

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A series of alliances resulted in a rapid expansion of hostilities as Russia honored its treaty obligation with Serbia and declared war. Germany entered the war on the side of Austria-Hungary, and France and Great Britain soon joined the conflict as allies of Russia and Serbia.

gavrilo princip shooting franz ferdinand

There is now a real potential for this to happen again as the US tests Russian and Chinese redlines. This is especially the case in Ukraine, where neo-Nazi nationalists have outsized influence and constitute a wild-card. But Taiwan is heating up too. Visual Capitalist Nick Routley Or maybe it won't be the result of a wild-card. The Vineyard of the Saker.]

gavrilo princip shooting franz ferdinand

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