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But when it comes to equally important science topics, they have no problem ignoring evidence and promoting conspiratorial nonsense.

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This blatant hypocrisy causes confusion and fuels the public's skepticism of science more broadly. In recent months, the mainstream press has been on a crusade against COVID vaccine skepticism, tenaciously promoting science-based medicine gmos quotes expressing little tolerance for anybody who holds a contrarian opinion.

gmos quotes

These claims are perfectly defensible. While there are some preliminary concerns in the EU about rare side effects associated with Gmos quotes shot, the evidence so far shows that the authorized vaccines are safe and effective, even for pregnant women or those trying to get pregnant.

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Gmos quotes importantly, people tend to cherry-pick which science they here, usually along political lines. The media's double standard legitimizes this partisan approach to science, giving policymakers and the public an excuse to ignore evidence they deem inconvenient. However, this can sometimes lead to selective skepticism were claims that run counter to the beliefs of some science journalists are met with extreme skepticism, whereas information that appeals to the existing beliefs are accepted with much less skepticism. We see this all the gmos quotes. The Washington Post only days ago published an article by prominent vaccine skeptics Stephanie Seneff and Jennifer Margulis, in which they alleged that the herbicide glyphosate was killing Florida's manatees.

The project was devised to fight insect-borne diseases but has stirred controversy

Seneff gmos quotes predicted that 50 percent of US children would be autistic bythanks to glyphosate exposure. The story also included expert quotes from Healthy Babies Bright Futures, an advocacy group that needlessly scares parents about the alleged dangers of heavy-metal tainted baby food, and Leonardo Trasande, a pediatrician who has authored questionable research about the risks of exposure to common chemicals.

gmos quotes

But it didn't bother contacting an independent scientist who would have happily made mincemeat of EWG's claims, and any number of experts would have volunteered for the job. The average reader, though, was given none of this vital context.

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gmos quotes Not to be outdone, The Guardian continues to give a platform to anti-pesticide activist Carey Gillamwho insists, contra the evidencethat Monsanto now owned by Bayer tried to bury research showing that its weedkiller Roundup causes cancer. Anti-science activists generally aren't single-issue crusaders. Deep skepticism of the entire scientific establishment is built into their worldview.

When major more info outlets allege that industry and regulators cover up the dangers of chemical exposure or animal gmos quotes, they're endorsing the same conspiratorial thinking they warn the public to avoid when it comes to coronavirus. The predictable result is greater distrust of science and the media.

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It's not surprising that journalists make mistakes when covering complex science topics. Given the many pressures they face, simple oversights were forgivable. They criticize social media companies for promoting anti-vaccine content and psychoanalyze people prone to accepting coronavirus conspiracies.]

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