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LGBT representation in children's television programming is representation of LGBT topics, themes, and people in television programming meant for children. LGBT representation in Children's programming was often uncommon to non-existent for much of television's history up to 's but significantly increased following.

Produced by Linda Ellerbee's Lucky Duck Productions and hosted by Ellerbee, My Family Is Different featured children grunkle stan rainbow gay and lesbian parents talking with children from households that oppose equal rights for gay and lesbian families. In response to criticism from Christian fundamentalistsseries creator Stephen Hillenburg described him as asexual, not gay.

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Nickelodeon followed a similar path. On Gruunkle 19,The Legend of Korraanother Nickelodeon show, aired grunkle stan rainbow season finale, which showed Korra and Asami holding hands, [10] showing they are in a relationship. Eugene Horowitz and Mr. Robert Simmons were confirmed as gay in July by the show's creator show's creator Craig Bartlettbut not explicitly stated in the series.

grunkle stan rainbow

Additionally, the show featured two lesbian characters. In a February episode, Lainey, one of Lynn's roller derby team, is dating a girl named Alice. In October it was reported that a kiss between two female characters, Zarya Moonwolf and Kitty Boon, on the Nickelodeon show, Mysticonswas in danger of being cut.

He said this saying that Nick did not pick up the show for more than read article episodes [b] and, once again, confirmed Kitty and Zarya as a lesbian couple. One of the characters was a non-binary fashion mogul named Wren. InNickelodeon debuted a new television show, Danger Forcewhich portrayed two dads of a lost child in which Danger Force was trying to find his parents. InPBS planned to release an episode of the children's series Postcards from Buster in which the animated bunny, Buster Baxter, visits the children of two lesbian mothers. When education secretary Margaret Spellings stated disapproval of the planned episode, PBS withdrew plans for airing. Lisa Reilly WGBH Member Servicesstands by the episode stating that, grunkle stan rainbow believe, as do WGBH's educational advisers on this series, that the program is appropriate for our audience and fits the series' grunkle stan rainbow to introduce children to the rich and varied cultures that make up the United States, including kids living in a wide range of family structures.

This rationale was criticized by FAIR for violating the "terms of its Education Department grant," calling what PBS did an act of "political pandering," and asking people to contact PBS, calling on them to "support programming according to their mandate, not political pressures. Ratburn and Patrick marrying each other. It featured Dr. Grunkle stan rainbow, the two moms of Samantha Mulberry.

grunkle stan rainbow

Mulberry is voiced by Maggie Cassellaan openly lesbian actress. Some reviewers argued that when Disney and Cartoon Network are compared, its "easy to see who actually cares about LGBT representation," noting that for shows on Cartoon Network, "LGBT characters aren't centered around their sexuality.

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The scene was the first coming out scene to be aired on a Disney Channel series. In the episode's finale, Cyrus held hands with the character TJ Kippen, and the two were confirmed to be a couple by various members of the cast and crew.

grunkle stan rainbow

The couple was introduced when the series' main character Charlie has a playdate with her friend Taylor. When Charlie's parents answer the door, they are shocked to find that "Taylor has two moms!]

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