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First century palestine 3 days ago · Black XS Potion for Her by Paco Rabanne Black Xs Potion for her is a decent synth flory-oriental with a basic woody-velvety dry down (sweet powdery sandalwood, waxy amber, nondescript red mellow fruitiness and suede). There is a sort of laundry-detergent background as well. I get grapefruit but the fruity presence is more juicy and intense. 6 days ago · Gucci Guilty Absolute 50ml 99% Gucci Nobile 60ml spray 95% Guerlain Bois d’Armenie 75ml 90% Guerlain Habit Rouge EDC (Vintage Gold Cap) ml 99% Guerlain L'Homme Ideal EDP ml 99% Guerlain L’Homme Ideal Extreme 50ml 99% Guerlain Mouchoir de Monsieur ml 99% January Scent Project Serin ml 99% Krizia Moods Uomo 50ml 99%. 1 day ago · In any event, I love this scent and believe it is a masterpiece. That Gucci produced this fragrance at all is remarkable in an age where designers rarely take chances. Seekers of unique fragrances need to get a sniff of this one before it disappears (as something so non-commercial surely will before too long).
gucci guilty black basenotes Gucci guilty black basenotes

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gucci guilty black basenotes

Log in Register. Perfume Reviews Home ». Total Reviews: 1. Smell'dwell Show all reviews Vanuatu. TLDR: Extraordinary 4.

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Unique scent masterfully blended from high quality ingredients. Reviewed after multiple wearings from a full bottle. This fragrance is an intriguing addition to the Alchemist's Garden line from Gucci. Hortus Saitatis, "the garden of health," has a medicinal opening, appropriately enough.

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We get a very realistic papyrus with herbal notes that give a slightly mentholated, but not minty, note that hints at Gucci Guilty Absolute's bandage note. This opening is quickly source by the faintest sniff of what I suspect to be a camphorous natural oud. The scent progresses and morphs over and over again.

The blending here is so good that it is virtually impossible for me to pick out specific bassnotes. There is a subtle, smokey incense note that comes and goes in the first half hour and that eventually becomes more assertive as things gucci guilty black basenotes from opening to heart notes.

gucci guilty black basenotes

Things get woody, which adds to the dry grassy tone of the papyrus, and the herbal opening develops a pronounced spicy vibe, perhaps from the credited ginger. The medicinal note never quite goes away, nor does bblack smokey woody incense quality. As we reach the base, we get a dry, green rose note which persists through the scent's long duration.

A youtube lback called this phase "barbequed roses", and I can smell this concept here, but I get more than that from this gucci guilty black basenotes because the medicinal herbal astringent element tempers the rose and smoke. There is nothing "jammy" here. I am ultimately left with an image that recalls an olfactory experience I once had on a visit to the Chelsea Physic Garden in London. This garden, which is itself, in fact, a hortus sanitatis, a garden full of plants with medicinal benefits, was undergoing a slight clean up following a windy few days and the staff were burning some twigs and things that had been knocked to the ground basrnotes the winds.

There were flowers in bloom, the herbs and other plants were very fragrant and the floral and herbal smells combined with the slight wafts of smoke to create a remarkable, heady aroma. That smell is what I get from this fragrance. It is remarkable and curiously addictive for me.]

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