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Hashish addiction

Hashish addiction - think

Shakes or tremors Trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep Anxiety or nervousness, hostility, sleep disturbance and depressed mood are the most commonly reported symptoms of CWS. Psychotherapy and Dual Diagnosis Research has also linked cannabis use with certain psychiatric conditions, particularly in those who start using it as teenagers. Such conditions can include: Mood disorders depression, bipolar Anxiety disorders social phobia, agoraphobia, panic disorder Post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD Personality disorders borderline, obsessive-compulsive Recent studies suggest that smoking high-potency cannabis daily can increase your chances of developing psychosis schizophrenia by nearly five times, compared with people who have never used the drug. Genetic vulnerability is another factor. Scientists have found that cannabis users who carry a particular form of the gene AKT1 are also at higher risk of developing schizophrenia. AKT1 affects dopamine signaling in your brain. hashish addiction

Healing from a long-standing hashish addiction S. Just as with many other young people even today, I placed great importance on getting really drunk for the first time. At the same time I also tried smoking hashish for the first time. When I was about 14 I could already count myself as one of those in my group who could hold their liquor. At 15 I hashish addiction began to smoke addicction now and then. It was simply a completely different feeling state.

S. M. (32), Kassel (Germany)

I hashish addiction the feeling my consciousness was changing, time and space were receding and something like inner peace and a connection to everything was appearing. At 15 I was smoking every third day and from 18 on around 0. At 20 I had already stopped my alcohol consumption because I was fixed exclusively on the drug hashish and had the motto, "Better high on pot than drunk". From that point on that drug was the master of my life. By then my daily consumption had increased to grams. I would go walking with my dogs or visit friends, brood and just vegetate the time away. I was sitting in a dark hole and no longer had the energy to turn hashish addiction the light. Then I would wander around town and wallow in self-pity. I had fear of physical contact when shopping or riding the bus or train and cut myself off more and more from my environment especially when I was high on pot--and that was always!

Treating Alcoholism with Medical Marijuana

With the smoking I wanted to drive out or prettify everything unpleasant even though I noticed that I got a good high from smoking perhaps only hashish addiction out of ten times. The smoking had simply become a habit for me.

hashish addiction

As a result I was at the mercy of egoism, brutality, envy and all kinds of underhanded dealings. Carried away by my flight from life, I blamed everything on others.

hashish addiction

I wanted to give up smoking hashish addiction, but I lacked the faith and the good energy. As time went http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/i-want-to-cushion-the-shock-of/was-nat-turner-a-hero.php I broke off many friendships, broke off with my hashhish talents, broke off trainings, broke off partnerships with women and finally my contact with the outer world.

I had abandoned and broken off from everything because nothing seemed to have any meaning or reason.

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All that I had left was nature and very few friends. What I then experienced was hell One day when I was 22 I had hallucinations. In the night before my 22nd birthday when I was painting a picture Hashish addiction saw faces that hashish addiction me. The next day I felt as if paralysed and had crazy thoughts. I was no longer able to distinguish external and internal voices. I wanted help and went to an anthroposophist doctor with whom I merely wanted to talk. But since her practice was closed she gruffly sent me to an emergency centre. Continue reading I complained about my problems and finally consented to be admitted to a psychiatric ward. I believed I would receive help in some form or other with my dilemma. However when I got to the locked ward and the door closed behind me I experienced the sad reality of what probably takes place in all psychiatric wards.

What I then experienced was hell.]

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