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Abstract Background Alcohol consumption is causally linked to several different types of cancer, including breast, liver, and colorectal cancer. While prior studies have found low awareness of the overall alcohol-cancer link, few have examined how awareness differs for each type of cancer. Greater awareness of risks associated with alcohol use may be a key factor in reducing alcohol-related cancer incidence. Methods We surveyed people of legal drinking age at the Minnesota State Fair. We used multivariable generalized linear models and linear regression models with robust standard errors to investigate factors associated with alcohol-cancer risk awareness. Models were fit examining predictors of overall awareness of alcohol as a risk factor for cancer, and prevalence of awareness of alcohol as a risk factor for specific types of cancer. Factors associated with awareness of alcohol-cancer risk differed by type of cancer.

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Share via e-mail Home alcohol deliveries became a widespread trend after COVID left most Americans suddenly bound to their own kitchens. With restaurant closures happening almost daily, the relaxed rules that made alcoholic beverage deliveries possible were wholeheartedly embraced by the alcohol and restaurant industries. But keeping this level of access to alcohol beyond the pandemic could have detrimental consequences to public health , advocacy groups say. Last year, 30 states loosened their alcohol restrictions , making to-go drinks the new normal. Not only can you order wine to be delivered by the case to your doorstep, but local restaurant orders through delivery apps can also include cocktails and beers. These allowances were supposed to be temporary moves intended to boost revenues for businesses amid sharp declines in foot traffic to restaurants and bars. However, both businesses and their customers have loved the convenient new measures, and they don't want to go back to pre-pandemic restrictions, according to Business Insider. And the potential to make these newer, laxer alcohol laws permanent has public health groups concerned. health articles about alcohol

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Posted: Apr 10, AM ET Last Updated: April 10 Why pandemic drinking could be dangerous for women Articlees National 12 days ago Alcohol consumption has increased during the pandemic and it could be putting many women at an increased risk of breast cancer. A growing group of women are pushing back against the wine-to-unwind culture.]

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